Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rooming the Lower East Side

Room Is Here To Stay

Old Europe strikes back - in the heart of New York City. Room is hard to get in this city, but you should definitely try to see this one: A hard rocking band that digs in deep and is obviously enjoying what they do, the rougher the better. The roomsters come from Switzerland, Austria, France and Switzerland and transport you to Musical Wonderland. Get your own piece of Room on Tuesday, January 24th at East River Bar in Williamsburg, when they hit the stage with their friends from Morex Optimo and The New Jersey Band!

Pics by Kerry Kennedy on Treo.

Roman and Jan give you Room

The two Room singers have also been labelled the Stan and Ollie of Punk rock.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Freezing For Lennons Soul

Freezing For Lennons Soul

This is the entrance of the Dakota Building on the 72nd Street in NYC, taken at 10:55pm on December 8th 2005. To the minute, 25 years ago, four shots rang out into the night and shot John Lennon, the greatest songwriter ever. We were there, sang Beatles tunes with hundreds of others till our noses froze off. We also saw Yoko Ono blow out the candles in the window exactly at 23:15, when Lennon was pronounced dead. And now go and put on "A day in my life." Close your eyes and take a seven minute break.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, finally live and loud: Room!

We give you Room at 169 Bar

come have a beer, a laugh and give us some of your advice. theres the amphibious pete opening at 8pm, room at sharp 9pm and two just as obscure acts after ten - this is where its really at, if u come.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Join the New York Theremin Society!

In case you don't know it yet, the instrument to play today is not the guitar and not the laptop, but the Theremin. It's that weird black box that only makes noises if you dont touch it. Due to the tireless efforts of Dorit Chrysler, we got to hear not only one, but five theremin players: Next to Dorits etheral sounds, Anthony Ptak, Armen Ra, Rob Schwimmer and David Simons gave us a taste of their magic at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn and everyone who attended was absolutely stunned. Is this the future of music or the perfect combination of smart Jazz, a twist of Rock and the world of classical music? Stay in touch with the New York Theremin Society and also check out Dorit's new MySpace page!

Join the New York Theremin Society

This picture shows the famous Chrysler building her universe of sound at Pete's Candy Store.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Definitely At Your Services!

...At Your Services

The Lower East Side's last cool club Tonic was the place to be again on Saturday night: Shortly past 1 am The Services took the stage in an wild, energetic rush that took the sophisticated audience (among them members of such 90s icons as Halcion, Foetus, Morning Glories) by surprise and had everyone dancing by the end of the short set. With just electronic stuff and one single cymbal plus a few lights they managed to be diverse, direct and fresh and no one was bored a second. That happens rarely, really, these days. Listen to some of the Services at A Touch Of Class, the label that has a reputation to be one step ahead of the industry. They also managed to find DJs who kept the energy of the show up and the people dancing. And you don't see that too often, too, these days.

Ladies and Gentlemen...
These gentlemen are definitely...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Art Brut For Arty Kids

Art Brut for Art Kids

People say they sound like Half Man Half Biscuit. Or the Television Personalities. Or even the Buzzcocks, but when unleashed on the trendy crowd of Manhattan at the Tribecca Grand Hotel, they are just five scared British kids hoping they won't be forgotten a year from now. Yes, there's lots of energy and witty songwriting. Their record Bang Bang Rock'n'Roll is well worth a listen, its refreshening and nicely tongue-in-cheek. But who wants to be subject of the newest New York hype? Looked to me like most of the kids in the posh Tri Grand lounge were just there to have been there and not because they care anything about the band or the music. That's a pity, cause this band deserves it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's Jaymay Season Again

Remember those evenings in spring when we discovered New York's newest best voice, the extremly talented Jaymay? Just like back in May, the singer/songwriter and her four piece band play the Living Room again every Monday in November. We stopped by yesterday and are happy to report that she hasn't lost any of her magic. With the addition of a new electric guitar player and through the fact that the band is tighter than ever, you get a warm sound, meaningful, direct lyrics and quite a handful of soul - just the right mix for escaping the cold November nights. Still, I'd say it's time to release that damn record everyone wants to buy. And one more thing: What's up with the make up, girl? I'd say you don't need it - you shine already thru your music.

Again in Jaymay's Living Room

Now There's Even More Room

Room For Hire, Room on Fire

Room, the infamous band that never gets out of its rehearsal space, has been experimenting with various musicians and has finally found the right guys to add to the bombastic sound. They promised your scribe to a) go into a recording studio soon and b) play live before the end of the year. Are empty promises promises, too? Anyway: Pictured here on the left is Rooms newest member, Bernd the Finger, a howling dervish on guitar. Not pictured is our favorite allrounder DJ Jeanno, but, hey, somebody had to take the picture, right?

Kinetic Treat You Well

It's been a while that Kinetic have been on this blog, but that's mostly since they've been "tucked away in the Fortress of Solitude, fashioning from iron and wood and steel what will become the first full-length Kinetic release". But now they are back with three shows and all the shows are FREE. That deserves deepest respect and a full listing on this blog. Here's what singer Brendan writes about the upcoming performances:

"First on the agenda is Thursday November 17 at Galapagos (galapagosartspace.com). Sponsored by jezebelmusic.com, this show will also feature the excellent Limbs, Earthquakes, and Proton Proton. The night starts at 8, we play at 9, and it is FREE.
Next up is Wednesday November 23 at Scenic on Avenue B between 2nd and 3rd Streets. Presented by Loveless Music Group, this is another excellent show, boasting Daylight’s for the Birds (offshoot of the departed On!Air!Library!). They play at 11, we play at 12, and there’s a host of intriguing bands before that beginning at 8, and once again it’s FREE, so come early and stay late!
Lastly, but certainly not leastly, we will be doing a stripped-down acoustic set at Cross-Pollination at Pianos, Tuesday November 29 at 8PM. For those not familiar with the Cross-Pollination philosophy, it involves two separate sets by different performers, and then a third, collaborative set. Playing with us on the 29th are the unbearably fantastic Comas, so this will truly be a night to remember. And it’s FREE too!"

Kinetic Rock the City

Make sure to stop by Kinetic's MySpace page to hear a few tracks from the upcoming album. Their sound is amazingly big, yet tender and personal, which may be the result of Brendans angelic voice or legendary soundmaster Pete Min's fine production.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Morex Optimo take on Halloween

Sometimes all the right things happen at once - like on Sunday evening, when Morex Optimo play the Mercury Lounge while Melomane and Botanica rock Tonic. This is a difficult choice, sisters and brothers, and I recommend to split personalities to go to both shows. In case, you cant make it, you can at least see what you're missing and view a little movie of the Roman Games and Morex Optimo live in Budapest.

Pumpkin Carvin Partyin Results

Plus, as this photo shows, they know not only how to handle their axes and sticks on stage, they are also very well versed at carving the ole pumpking head: Morex Optimo's Yuri and Heather, with a little help from their friends.

Botanica And Melomane Team Up at Tonic on Sunday - Listen to New Botanica Track

It's been a busy week, so I've seen no shows, but at least Botanica did me a favor and played a live set on the radio that I could listen to over the internet while at work. Pretty damn good, this technology, i have to say. Of, course, WFMU was the station and Irene Trudel was the host. You can check out the full show in her archives or listen to a new track called Someone Else on this blog. Botanica played for about an hour and sounded simply amazing. Even the dead pan cool Irene said so and seemed to mean it. But that's just half of the good news - Botanica, who embark on yet antoher Euro tour if Mr. Bongers foot plays along, play a show at Tonic on Sunday, following the great Melomane who start at 9pm. Forget Haloween or come to the show all dressed up. Here's a pic from Botanicas last show at the Delancey:

Botanica at the Delancey

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Urgent Message from Brother Mark E.

Oh yes, it's out and it must be great. Dont you hate it when critics say the new album by has-been Soandso is "the long awaited masterpiece" or a "return to form"? Real fans usually wouldnt use these words, but with the new Fall LP "Fall Heads Roll" even the most retentive journalists gush over the new work by Mr. Smith and his aides. My brother Marcel called me from across the Atlantic just to tell me how fantastic it was - and he's been a Fall fan since almost thirty years now. Swissies are fortunate enough to read his review in the WochenZeitung. Over here, we have to do with his earlier article "Ein Fall fuer sich" or read what Everett True writes about it in The Stranger. And since you all know what Mark E. Smith looks like and I have this really cool picture of me and my bro taken by Kristofer at the Hafenbuffet in Rorschach, this is what I'll post below. And while were at it: It is a wrong assumption that The Fall have influenced the strokes, as Julian Casblancas told me in an interview I had with The Strokes last week - it will be posted here in about a week. Nirvana and Velvet Underground Casbalanca says is what he listened to, but not the Fall or Televsision for that matter. What a relief this must be for Mark E. Smith.

Brothers in Shirts

Rorschach-New York connection: Support for CBGS and a will to defend Brooklyn is sported hereby the two elder Elsener brothers.

Barango Brings News from Hungary

Our friend in Budapest, Barango, has sent word that he is working on new music! The hungarian punk legend with the five string bass who translates Bukowski into Hungarian has set his goals high - the new stuff supposedly is not as aggressive punk as it used to be but more mellow... How could it not be with his lovely girlfriend Agi bringing out the softer side in the man that knows how to shock the world of hungarian radio... Here is a picture of Branago during his show at Red Hole in Budapest. He is the good soul who welcomed Morex Optimo and The Roman Games into Budapest and was a most genreous host! Looking forward to seeing you again soon and walking through the streets of Budapest singing Anti Nowhere League songs!

Punk Rock rules in Budapest

Friday, October 07, 2005

More-X, N-V, Sin-e

You missed it again, and it was your last chance. the dear KK played with NV and it was a lot of energetic fun. This band has a certain appeal that makes you think of singer Mark's, yours and probably your partner's record collection. Though you won't find any Jane's Addiction CDs in mine, you certainly find Sonic Youth and the Buzzcocks.
XTC on acid, too, as Morex Optimo promised to be. The European tour has made a band out of them that can weather every storm and cause quite a stirr, too. Me, I like them most when they rock straight out, but I hear some people are just as fond of the breaks and hooks as I am of the commercial pop song harmonies. Seize the opportunity to see Morex Optimo this coming Friday, October 14th at the BAM cafe. The sound is excellent and the food not half bad.

Morex Optimo live at Sin-e

Cosmonauts! Yes, you're getting there - maybe you wont fly, but your records will fly off the shelves!

NV with Kerry Kennedy live at Sin-e

NV - Janes Addiction, Sonic Youth and Buzzcocks rolled into a crazy roll of rock.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thank Yous to Vienna, Budapest and Switzerland!

Photos from all kinds of friends, old and new, flow in and remind me of the great days of late summer Morex Optimo and The Roman Games spent over there! I could sit and watch forever! Thank you all - more info, if you click on the photos!
By the way, I'll soon start writing about all of your bands soon again, but lemme take a minute here.

The Roman Games Live at EKH in Vienna

Breakfast in Vienna

Morex Optimo at Grabenhalle St. Gallen

Singer/Songwriter Duo 'The Retired Couple'

No, this is not a Halcion Reunion

The Hotel Alpenhof on St. Anton

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Roman Games & Morex Optimo Collage

We're baaaack and better than eva

Yes, and it was great. Morex Optimo are about the nicest and most relax band you can tour with. Give em a lake or a river, they jump into the water and are happy. We drove from Zurich to Vienna to Budapest and back with an old Alfa Romeo (thanks Plimps!), borrowed amps and drums (thanks Painhead, Bit-Tuner, Mark E.), a fine Rickenbacker (thanx Paul) that true to its reputation never stayed in tune and a bass (thanx Sam, and thanx again) that Yuri almost fell as much in love with as with the bjutiful hungarian grrls. Here's Morex Optimo playing the K'Haus Passage in Vienna - quite a violent first night, but we all survived. And it got only more punk rock when we got to socialist youth club Veks and then to the punk squat EKH. By that point, both the Roman Games and Morex Optimo had stripped there set from the intellectual antics and opted for pure rock. Sweat and blood and tears, whatever, we'll wash it off tomorrow with a jump into a river. More pix and more detailed info to come, soon as i get them from the Kster. Anyway, we are planning at least one home coming show together, so you all can see what we learnt in Europe.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Caught in the Act! KK plays KKeyboard!

A successful debut as keyboardist and the proof that all the rumors are wrong: Kerry Kennedy switched from guitar to keys in the new outfit NV which is creating quite a buzz in the NYC underground already after their first gig. Here's what they write about themselves: Ghosts and goblins, sonic despair, angelic voices... From the ashes of Pumpernickel, The Moldy Peaches, and Blue Sparks...meet NV. The show was a lot of fun, we hear, and so are the rehearsals. The future looks bright for Mrs. Kennedy who has a strong bunch of songs and is currently recording her first solo album with Mike Fornatale and a little help from her friends. Don't worry - it wont be all keyboards, there's bound to be beautiful guitars, of course.

Morex Optimo Ready For Europe

Kristofer Krooning
Originally uploaded by romangame.
I missed it, again and could kick myself for it, because I only hear the highest praise: "Best Morex Optimo show", "XTC on Acid", "Tight cool punk rock" is what those who were there say. And this is coming from people like Mr. Bongers, the usually quiet, well-balanced, stoic German bass player for Botanica. There we go then: Morex Optimo are definitely ready for their Euro Summer Tour. Here are the dates and cities, but watch out for changes! Exact venue information to follow later!

Aug 26: Vienna
Aug 27: Budapest
Aug 28: Hungary show II
Aug 29: Hungary show III
Aug 30: Maccagno, ITA
Aug 31: Zürich, Club Helsinki
Sep 1: St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
Sep 2: Bern
Sep 3: Rorschach
Sep 4: Basel
Sep 5: Zürich, Kalkbreite

Life Shows No Mercy: Melomane Rock Again

The daze of lounge are gone, it seems. No more soothing cello and lamenting violin, no escapades on the trumpet, but a tight lyric driven set was presented at their show at the Knitting Factory main stage. The band always resented the idea of being chamber pop, as Time Out had labelled them for years. Time and Life have not been easy for the core quartet around singer Pierre, thus the release of their new record has been delayed - but Melomane have just the right sense of humor to take it easy: The Stranglers' "Life Shows No Mercy" was the absolut highlight of the show. The audience was very appreciative of the music and was well spiked with prominent people such as Christian Gibbs or Paul Wallfisch and Christian Bongers of Botanica. Great to meet Quentin's sister and his oldest son, too! The lanky 16 year old promises to be even better than Dad in just a few years... we'll all be hearing of the new Brit sensation. It's good to have the cool Melos back, especially for these days of heat wave. I'll say hello to Frank from you guys in just about a week!

Pierre of Melomane at the Knitting Factory

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Waters Down the River

For some, Pink Floyd ceased to exist when Roger Waters left the band. For others, Pink Floyds "Division Bell", the record the three remaining members made after Waters left is the ultimate record. While the original Floyds dont seem to care about what the fans think, their amazing 5 track live set at Live 8 in London has spurred quite some hope of another possible full-fledged Floyd record in the near future. Waters, of course, wouldnt dream of talking about this stuff, but tried his best to sell us his opera: A pretty commercial piece telling the history of how the French got revolutionized. The title is in french, the rest, for, erm, commercial reasons, in english. Of Course, it sounds good, sometimes there are even those little choirs that remind us of The Wall. But there aint no Gilmour on guitar. No psychedelic drowning in notes. Nothing new, in fact. The message, Waters says, is to learn how to empathize more with others. Man, if you really wanna empathize with us, get off your high horse and go produce a new record with your mates, Roger!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Direct Link Between NYC and Zurich Discovered!

Helsinki Club in Zurich shapes up to be the direct link between Europe and New York City. There must be some kind of secret tunnel between the two cities - since all the cool NYC acts seem to play there regularly! While Blues Explosion played the by now famous Rote Fabrik (in a grandiose routined manner, as we hear), Theremin star Dorit Chrysler delighted the audience at the packed Helsinki with lots of new material. Blues Explosion Guitarman Judah Bauer (left in the pic) even made it for Dorits third set. The live act was followed by three hours of fine music from Techno to Country and back, records spun by our beloved revolutionary author and rocker Mr. Privateman (right in the pic). Chrysler, Heer and Bauer, who all know each other from the Apple, noted some more NY celebrity: Ladybug Transistor drummer San Faydl was in the audience, too.
Oh, and yeah: Whoever doubted Helsinki (no, not the Finnish capital) was really cool: The Wall Street Journal recently called Helsinki THE place to go in Zurich (next to the Migros Museum the Restaurant Alpenrose). Now that's something to write home about! Thanx to Frank for the infos, we are looking forward to hear more!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The New Sounds of the Subways

Despite all security concerns, the subway is the place to be in the coming weeks: French singer/songwriter Veronica Antico and Kerry Kennedy, formerly of the Blue Sparks have announced a new project, which will take them back to where the music happens: The underground. Literally: The two plan to play the subway of New York with two acoustic guitars and their angelic voices. The pre-listening party revealed a set of classics such as Oasis' "Wonderwall", Cindy Lauper's "Time After Time" or even "Knocking on Heaven's Door". We hope they play some of their own songs, too! More on when and where they gonna be in the tube later!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Shows Wanted In Europe

The wait is finally over...two nerve wrecking weeks of sluggish internet access, Time Warner finally believed me and exchanged my modem, which instantly solved the problem, after them telling me for days that its my computer. Its a mac, dont you get it? It doesnt just crap out. But enuff. There much to tell.

Let me start with the planned tour for Morex Optimo and The Roman Games this summer. We are touring from August 25th to September 6th and are going to Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. We want to play as many shows as possible and are therefore looking for more gigs. We have six so far, that leaves us five more open nights. Anybody with an idea or friends in Switzerland and Austria, please let us know - just comment below!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July Comes in Rocking

No more country: The Droves
Originally uploaded by romangame.
Yes, we are definitely over the warm and fuzzy melancholic winter campfire music and the fresh green spring pop - full grown straight forward adult rock is on! Witnessed this weekend: The Droves at Galapagos, with charismatic front man Christian Gibbs belting out some classics, backed by a very able band, including mixmaster Quentin Jennings, Melomane beat Kenny Savelson and Hightower Smith. The fraternity kids who stumbled into Galapagos that night left with ringing ears and their wish for quieter music unfullfilled. Rightly so.
At the same time, Morex Optimo gave the Knitting Factory a taste of what intellectual punk can do to you. Must admit I missed the show, but since ill be touring with Morex in August and September in Europe, I will get to know their set by heart and will soon be able to delight you with a word game from Kristofers songs here and there. Promise.
Fourth of July landed me on the roof of the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg where 14 acts were performing, most notably the great "Favourite Sons", who not only sound like Echo and the Bunnymen during their heyday, but also have powerful songs with catchy hooklines. Keep your ears open for them!
Last, I want to apologize for being gone such a long time, I had problems with my wireless service and spent hours on the phone with Time Warner. The problems should be solved now, so herre we go again!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oasis Dont Look Back in Anger

...they quite optimistically look into the future. Not in terms of using new sounds or melodies, but seeing their fans at Madison Square Garden. Man, you could have thought they were Britney Spears or something. Screaming fans, real good rock, a uebercool Liam, not afraid of making weird fun of himself and Noel in control of it all, with some of his best tunes. I must say, I was surprised at their power and left the place happy and giddy with music. Here are a couple of pictures:

Noel in the Spotlight.

Well, he wrote some of the greatest pop tunes of all times, didnt he? Listen to track eight, part of the queue, on their new record, and you know noel still has it.

Gem in Action at the Garden

Get Your Own Music Into the Underground!

Nacht Fa Lter e i Bass Tardi
Originally uploaded by romangame.
This is the famous man behind some of NYCs most vibrant new digital music. What others do for a million bucks, this man can do it for ten dollars, musically, I mean. And I'm not talking about Owen Wilson. Thats how Fa prefers it, so we wont reveal his name.

Pee Air And C.Gibbs Ride the Rodeo Again

Pee Air Ready to Move On
Originally uploaded by romangame.
Pierre is back from a successful US tour with C. Gibbsacross these big wide United States. Pee and C. toured as a two-man band, and Pee got to try his hand at playing drums and trumpet at the same time. Go to the Rodeo Bar on June 25th, to see C. Gibbs joined onstage with Pierre and Quentin from Melomane.

Or you can go see Melomane on June 28th at the Pussycat Lounge, one of New York's shadier venues for music and entertainment of a more burlesque variety. They are playing with the horribly scandalous girl band Full Tank, burlesque variety in itself.

Pray For C Gibbs

Here, we see Christian here being prayed for. We recommend you do the same. Dont know if he needs it, but sure he deserves it. Christian has some advice for all fellow musicians about to tour this summer. Heres what he writes:

Tour Tips

1. When struck by the gnawing inspiration to write lyrics while driving 80 miles an hour on cruise control through windy rocky mountains it is best to use Sharpies on Big Manilla Envelopes and do not steer with your feet or knees for longer then a couplet.

2. When you get to Denver which is 1/3rd higher in altitude than most places drink alot of water and refrain from eating "Newcastle Beer Cheese Soup" provided by the local venue.

3. It is NOT necessary to buy something everytime you stop.

4. The $6.99 Atomic Alarm Clock sold at truckstops everywhere is a piece of crap. Dont buy that either.

5. When getting oil changed in Lawrence , KS tell them you play country music (even if you dont) and sell them a cd. This brings oil change from $28.00 down to $18.00 and it helps your soundscan rating!

6.When the coffee place in Omaha, Nebraska doesn't know who you are when you advance the show ask them if your tour poster is up. When they reply , "Yes, but there is no date indicated and we close at 8:00pm," ask them if they have a microphone. When their response is "No" promptly cancel show and get a tattoo of your wife's name on your left forearm

7. Before getting tattoo of your wife's name do not call her and ask her which name she prefers (nickname or realname)..if a call is made, after ruining surprise tell her you got cold feet and didn't get a tattoo after all so you can surprise her in Seattle you dufus..

8. Go to Elderly Guitars in Lansing, Michigan and buy a Porchboard..."What is a 'Porchboard'?" you say?...Come to the next C.Gibbs show at Rodeo Bar this saturday Night and find out!

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Years of BC Are Coming!

Martin Bisi and the End Credits
Originally uploaded by romangame.
It's time to introduce the peerless Martin Bisi. He of revered producer fame and millions of hours of music in his ears. This blog is too small to list all of the famous bands Martin has recorded - Sonic Youth to name just one. Sometimes Martin has to get all the music out of his system and go play live: A fiery spectacle of staccato rhythms and energy. You've got the chance to see this on Tuesday at Rothko at 8pm. Yes, they really go on this early. The Izzys play later on. It's Jasper's Vicious, and Martin guarantees it's "a good night".

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Manifest for Bass Players

They are usually not on live photos, hidden behind the singer in band shots, tortured by egomaniac guitar players, mangled by obsessed drummers, but still the coolest asset a band has: Bass players. Man, would humankind have invented dancing if it werent for the bass? If you want to experience what I mean, come to the next Botanica show on June 25th at Tonic. This band has one fine example of an able bass axer, Mr. Christian Bongers, pictured here. You will also have the chance to hear the amazing Jamay!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Smiths Carry Secret Victory Away

Yeah, I admit, this is not much of a picture, but hey, its the only one i took: The music, the sound, the singers and above all the songs were just too captivating to think of taking pictures. The Cure vs. The Smiths, of course, guarantees all sorts of special characters on stage and the Losers Lounge knows where to find them. Excellent work by JoeMc Ginty and the band, and compliments to a host of great singers. Why is it that bald guys do Morrissey best?
So, The Smiths and the Cure tied 2:2 after four twin sets at the Knitting Factory. This, at least, is the official result. We have it from well informed sources that the Smiths actually won 3:1, but that for some reason a Swiss neutrality clause couldn't let Manchester win. The last singer (sorry - cant remember who it was, there was no program!) put it best: "There's one reason why you have to vote for the Smiths: You can still see The Cure. And if you cant see the Cure, you still have Interpol."

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Botanica Do Their Own Thing Better

Botanica at Midnight
Originally uploaded by romangame.
In case you thought it was all a scam to get more money, the water really drips from the ceiling at Tonic and repairs are desperately needed. So we get to see a lot of cool bands playing there, showing their support, and obviously a pretty mixed crowd: From the hipster to the hippie, from the yuppie to the biker. Then again, maybe these were all Angela McCluskey fans, since as soon as the singer with the raspy voice finished her set, they all disappered, missing the attraction of the night, Botanica, who acted as Mc Cluskeys backup band before. Not that Angela wouldnt have a good voice or decent songs, but for my taste, she is just a little bit too much in love with her own pipes. True greatness only came later, especially with Botanicas hit Shy or Stupid which should be on every summer playlist!

Dorit: "Come Build Your Own Theremin!"

Dorit "Theremin" Chrysler
Originally uploaded by romangame.
Theremin-Wunderkind Dorit Chrysler is off to Europe, and later Japan, again, packing her laptop and her great voice along with the peculiar instrument. New Yorkers got a fine taste of what Europe is about to see last Sunday night, when Dorit teamed up with noisemeister Gibby Haines of the Butthole Surfers.

Should you have finally decided to build your own theremin and learn how to play it, venture to Switzerland in July, where Dorit will be holding a Theremin Workshop amidst the alps closeby St. Moritz (think of the fine echo from the mountains)! Highly recommendable also because of the cool climate up there, while NYCers bake in the humid heat.

For the tour dates and more details, check out Dorits website.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

This Will Hit You Shaw Enuff!

Originally uploaded by romangame.
Folks, you get the rare chance of seeing Mike Fornatale and his underground superstars today at Magnetic Fields! Here's what Mike writes:

"Did you miss the one-and-only January '05 performance of this rag-tag batch of NYC Garage Superstars, Has-Beens, Geriatrics and One Babe-A-Licious Keyboard Player? Do you recall my saying, at the time, that "you REALLY need to come to this thing. It's a one-shot, this bunch of folks will likely never all be on the same stage again." As I so often am, turns out, I was wrong...

SHAW 'NUFF -- A one-shot [not] NYC super-group of sorts, featuring:

Peter Stuart (bass, vocals) -- veteran of the 1980s NYC garage revival, with The Tryfles and The Headless Horsemen. Appeared at Cavestomp '99 with The Standells, Cavestomp 2000 with The Beau Brummels and The Blues Magoos, and in September 2001 with Mark Lindsay's Cavestomp Redcoats. Currently a member of Special Pillow. If Peter doesn't know the song, it probably isn't worth knowing.

Kurt Reil (drums, vocals) -- founding member of The Grip Weeds (new album "Giant On The Beach" out now on Rainbow Quartz Records) and Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg. Appeared at Cavestomp 2000 with The Beau Brummels, and in September 2001 with Mark Lindsay's Cavestomp Redcoats. If Kurt can't play the song, it probably can't be played.

Mike Fornatale (guitar, vocals) -- Has played and/or sung with The Monks, Moby Grape , Kelley Stoltz, and Mark Lindsay's Cavestomp Redcoats. Has stood in at soundchecks for Alana Amram and Arthur Lee. (Listed in descending height order.) Currently a member of Richard And The Young Lions. If Mike doesn't know the song, give him a minute.

Michael Lynch (guitar, vocals) -- Has played and sung with The Lynchpins and The Anything People. Featured artist at International Pop Overthrow shows, 2003 and 2004. If Michael knows the song, he's also intimately familiar with all nine re-mixes.

Wendy Fornatale (keyboards) -- Has only appeared once [well, twice, now] in public since college, on 9 May 1987, with The Wendytones. Wearing a bridal gown and veil. Well, it WAS her wedding after all. Seventeen years later she's out of retirement and it's about damn time. If Wendy doesn't know the song, she will bring sheet music.

What you get: a nice long evening in the coolest establishment in the five boroughs, and SHAW 'NUFF -- the most hap'nin' Human Jukebox you will ever gape at open-mouthed. Guaranteed.

Where: Magnetic Field, 97 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11201 - (718) 834-0069

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mash Bash with the Loser's Lounge

Joe McGinty and some of the usual suspects at his Piano Karaoke gave us a taste of what can be expected this weekend at the Knitting Factory: A great parade of songs by The Cure and The Smiths in a Battle of the Bands style. How the winner will be determind is not so clear yet, says Joe, so contact him if you have an applause-o-meter, he'll put you on the guest list in return. Joe makes no secret of whose songs he prefers to play: There's just much more keyboards in The Cure. I suspect guitar players rather go for Marr and the Mozzer.

Antony and the Importance of Words

You may know him as pianist extraordinaire in JC & Anphibius, as keyboardist in The Paparazzis or might even remember him from cult pop outfit Glim - but you rarely see Antony fine solo. "You're my prisoners" he jokes, then dives into his songs, dragging the audience with him, onto a tour of his beautiful, but often tortured universe, full of emotion, sadness and doubt. "My words are so important, no they're not," Antony sings, then offers poetry that flows over the song like a creek in the spring. Highlights were Antonys duet with Kerry Kennedy - my favorite female voice in the city next to Jaymay - and the great guitar by Erik Paparozzi, who slowhandedly revealed where he got his first name from.