Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Smiths Carry Secret Victory Away

Yeah, I admit, this is not much of a picture, but hey, its the only one i took: The music, the sound, the singers and above all the songs were just too captivating to think of taking pictures. The Cure vs. The Smiths, of course, guarantees all sorts of special characters on stage and the Losers Lounge knows where to find them. Excellent work by JoeMc Ginty and the band, and compliments to a host of great singers. Why is it that bald guys do Morrissey best?
So, The Smiths and the Cure tied 2:2 after four twin sets at the Knitting Factory. This, at least, is the official result. We have it from well informed sources that the Smiths actually won 3:1, but that for some reason a Swiss neutrality clause couldn't let Manchester win. The last singer (sorry - cant remember who it was, there was no program!) put it best: "There's one reason why you have to vote for the Smiths: You can still see The Cure. And if you cant see the Cure, you still have Interpol."

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