Saturday, March 29, 2008

See Christian Gibbs on Broadway!

Time to tell you of "Passing Strange", a rock musical on - hear, hear - Broadway. It tells the story of a young man in Los Angeles who wants to travel the world writing songs. He lands in Amsterdam and Berlin, where he gets to know sex and drugs and rock'n'roll, politics, philosophy and finds out about love. The strong all-black cast is supported by white musicians on stage, most notably the ever rising star Christian Gibbs who adds special rock flavor to the catchy songs written by the witty MC of the cast, Stew, and the elegant bass player Heidi Rodewald. With his offbeat humor Stew, whose semi-autobiographical story is told, creates an instant connection to the audience that is only enhanced by the versatile actors/singers. After the show Christian gave us a tour of the beautiful Belasco theatre, where the legendary Harry Houdini made an elephant disappear. The top apartement, left unchanged since the death of Mr. Belasco, is said to be haunted by his ghost. Another helpful ghost behind the machine makes sure everything stays in tune: the ubiquitous Mike Fornatale. You go to rock shows all the time in dindgy clubs, now treat yourself to the real thing, the New York institution Broadway and enjoy Passing Strange, finally a musical that truly rocks.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do Robots Do It?

We didn't think so, but no, they do. If they can play such passionate folk music whith such emphatic titles like "I break for Cannibals" and "4 Senses on Alert", they must be capable of sex. Listen to 'No They Do' by Pierre's friend Pete Kellers and you'll find proof in such sorrowful tunes as 'Robot Love' and 'Lonely Robot Blues. It's a concept album of robot folk music, as Pete describes it. Not robotic are the influences they list: Tall Dwarves, Elf Power and Daniel Johnston. We also hear some Violent Femmes in there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Room Serenade You This Thursday

ANTON SWORD and his fine band kick off their American Tour with two sets of some of his songs and some covers at Club Midway (Avenue B, btw 2nd and 3rd Streets), TONIGHT at 7.30pm. He has invited a dozen or so guest singers. I will sing an old Velevet Underground song in set II, around 9pm. Come by and sing along!

But that's not all. ROOM, impressed by such beautiful recent work from friends such as Lucinda Black Bear, Melomane and The Snow, leave the loud guitars and amps at home and play it safe and soft, probably for the last time at BAR ON A, this THURSDAY, 27th of March. We had so much fun playing five songs for five friends last month, we want to do it again. We start after 9pm and it is, as always, free.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Painted Word Video

In other things from the free-spirited eighties: I had no idea they ever even made a video, but here we go, thanx to YouTube: Enjoy one of the most hauntigly beautiful songs in the world, "The Painted Word" by Television Personalities.

Look Forward to St. Nightingallen!

A word to the rock loving people of Eastern Switzerland: Do not miss your chance to see The Nightingales at Palace in St. Gallen on March 26th. Here's a band that weathered all the storms already the first time around in the early Eighties, playing Northern Soul in the left wing of the Fall, Television or Gang of Four. Now, the unique drunkenly dodgy singer Robert Lloyd and his trusty guitarero Alan Apperly are back, reinvigorated, rejuvenated by Matt Wood, who looks like John Cooper Clarke and hits the strings with mozartesque genius. The show in Brooklyn two weeks ago at Death by Audio was pure fireworks of rhythm, rhyme and frantic melodies, swirling around the serenading, barking, burping, howling Lloyd. The band has been touring extensively and is vehemently tight - captivating from the first manic beats to the last stroke. Born and bred, indeed.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Melomane Gear Up For Tour

So Pierre and Daria leave Kenny and Quentin at home, but bring Eveline and Heather along to Germany and Switzerland, where they'll hook up with Privateman Frank to give Europe the yearly dose of Melomane it has come to depend on. There's a goodbye show for all us New Yorkers and if it's as funny as Eveline's invitation blurb, we should all go see them. Here's what Eveline writes:
"Honey, what's for dinner"...Smack your lips on some Texas-style BBQ brisket then shake your hips and shimmy your biscuit! Your swiss art director/trombone slinger Eveline Feldmann and the band Melomane ( are popping up at Hill Country (30 W. 26th St./Broadway & 6th) on Thursday, March 6 from 9:30-Midnight. So bring your friends, appetite and dancing boots because pig and pop together never sounded better. Melomane plays cinematic, catchy and clever pop-rock. Sounds like Elvis Costello and Serge Gainsbourg collaborating on an album with Calexico.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sword Cotillion and Extravaganza

The wound of the sword heals, the wound of word never, goes an old african saying...well: here is the Sword with the word: Anton Sword is inviting us to a tour-kick off extravaganza at Club Midway on March 24th. He neither says who the surprise guests during his excursion into pop history are, nor where his tour is going... So come by, ask him, hear the swordsmith. Not to spoil the suprise: Expect Pierre de Gaillande, Kerry Kennedy and Erik Paparazzi among the NYC stars. I'll be among the attention hogs.