Friday, July 15, 2011

John Watts playing the Small Beast, Monday, July 18th!

We are happy to welcome our dear friend John Watts of Fischer-Z in New York again - he's one of my favorite songwriters, from the early New Wave Days back in the late Seventies and Eighties up to his most recent work - check out the link, the man's seen the world! Don't miss the experience of the hauntingly beautiful voice and guitar of Alfonso Velez, the witty yet warning words of Chris Pan, and the astounding sonic ride Lost in Sound is going to take you on. Free! Two for one drinks!


The members of Pinky Swearz recently pulled a drowning boy from the steep waves in Long Island and we don't expect to be on the cover of the paper or anything. A great way to show appreciation for the fragile and terrifying beauty of life and our intangible need for one another would be simply to darken the door of Delancey, buy a drink, and let us take you to the beach, where you will be well looked after while shapely lifeguards flirt through a hangover. We are, B Jams on guitar, Ben and Jessica sing.


Inspired by Morrison, Johnny Cash and honest gamblers, Chris Pan is playing melodic solo songs, crafted from romantic moments of love, death, danger, defiance, performed in the spirit of "taking chances" - in the pursuit of love, liberty and a life lived fully.


Roman Game arrived in New York from Switzerland more than 15 years ago and over time found the perfect musicians who share his love for melodic punk and edgy pop. A prolific songwriter and lyricist, Roman has been influenced by The Church, The Clash and, of course, John Lennon was his favorite Beatle. In his most convincing compositions for example the intriguing - “The Parachute Tester” - he manages to combine melody and text into one beautiful story. Saxmaster Dave Spinley adds a fine touch of jazz.


When Alfonso Velez first played the Small Beast a couple of months ago, you could hear a gasp of surprise run through the audience. Everybody then fell instantly silent, as not to miss a single note played or sung by this unique musician from Spain. This is how it must have felt for those who heard Elvis’s voice for the first time. Or Chuck Berry’s guitar. But we write the year 2011 now, and it’s a hundred times harder to pull this off with just one guitar and a voice. But Alfonso Velez does it easily. Mark our words: This man will be a superstar very soon.


John Watts has been described by a fellow artist as “a force of nature”. He was the mastermind of Fischer-Z, contemporaries of the Police and Talking Heads, with just as big a fan base as those groups in Europe. John easily commands a variety of musical forms encompassing written word, poetry and humor. He has a distinguished catalogue of seventeen original albums with sales in excess of two million. The Small Beast performance is his first show in New York in 5 years – expect new compelling songs like “The Heart of New York” as well as older hits from the Fischer-Z days and be prepared for John's decidedly British humor!


After fronting his own band In Cat State, and then experimenting with Beast guest curators Anton Sword and Roman Game as well as other musicians, Mike Lawson grew comfortably into leading his grand solo project “Lost in Sound”: An highly adventurous trip through the full range of noises, melodies, walls, valleys and mountains a guitar can conjure. You’ll be asking yourself what just happened when Michael’s last note rings out.

168 Delancey Street (between Clinton and Attorney), F train to Delancey Stop
Call 212-254-9920 for information.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

ROOM and SWORD & SLAVE at Fat Baby July 7th

On Thursday, July 7th, we are playing a set of classic Room songs as a quartet, with Jesko Stahl on bass, Dave Spinely on saxophone, Martial Vivot on drums and Roman Game on guitar and vocals. We start at 10pm sharp... Our friends Sword & Slave play after us: Anton Sword on keys and voc with Gina Marie on bass. Be sure to catch their new hit "Hurricane" with guitar hero Michael Lawson (Lost in Sound) on guitar! It's seven bucks, but we'll make it up to you with a drink or a free CD! Fat Baby is at 112 Rivington, between Essex and Ludlow Streets. Take the F train to Delancey and Essex.