Thursday, September 21, 2006

Let there be... Room CD Release Party

Thanx for coming to Club Midway! Those who missed it get another chance TOMORROW FRIDAY evening.

After last night's show at Club Midway we just can't get enough and look very much forward to CELEBRATE OUR CD RELEASE PARTY at our favorite local EAST RIVER BAR on South 6th Street between Bedford and Berry. The fun will be tripled by the unique FULL TANK, kind of our musical sisters, who know how to make a noise since four years already. Tomorrow night will mark their debut show with fabled SIMONE, the fastest learner of guitar in Williamsburg ever. ROOM and FULL TANK will sandwich the spacesuit wearing antarctic researchers from VOSTOK who come highly recommended by MAREK, owner of ERB.
Showtimes: 9.15 Full Tank, 10.15 Vostok, 11.15 Room

Friday, September 15, 2006

Its getting serious: We have the honor to play after one of New Yorks best guitar players and songwriters, Mr. Christian Gibbs and his unique gang at CLUB MIDWAY, 25 Ave B in Manhattan. The evening promises to be a very exquisite night, with the sweetest duo in Brooklyn, The Snow, opening the evening and the grand Hightower Smith following. We hope you have some room for us by the time we roll around.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The True Big Stars call themselves Sad Little Stars

For six bucks, it cant get any better: The Sad Little Stars - nowadays a five piece - played a show at Union Pool that was pure gold. Their new songs seem to be even stronger than their great debut record, punchy and crunchy, not as balladesque, but entertaining as hell and with some of the best lyrics in rock ever. Seriously, listen to "Thats what they call Punk", a furious jazz ballad that singer Max delivers like Vic Godard and Paul Weller always wished they could. The front duo alone has an entertainment value of one hundred percent, but their backing band is so into the music (which you just gotta be if you get to play on songs this great) that its just fun to watch and listen in amazement. Hey, even Bongers said this was his new favorite band.

Roman Game and Restroom at Galapagos

Sorry for the super short notice: We are back from Europe but still deeply inspired by it. Thatäs why we (Bernd, Jan, Roman) are playing an acoustic set at the 2nd Berlin Blind Date TONIGHT at 9pm at Galapagos on North 6th Street in Williamsburg. The event is organized by the great Jim Avignon and aims to prove that German is not so bad, after all. Jim will also perform and paint live, there will be all kinds of art installations and performances by cutting edge berlin artists (after all its german american day next saturday). Jan and me will also sing three songs in our native tongues... Hope you can make it!