Thursday, July 31, 2008

The World Thru the Eyes of Paul Weller

Forget TV, give it to YouTube and a guy called JBtheManchesterMod to give us the first complete historic overview of the works of Paul Weller and the Jam. Here, in a good hour you can watch six ten minute pieces about Weller and his songs, commented in a nicely understated way by PW himself, but also giving Foxton, former wife DC Lee and Paul's father and manager John deserved screen time, as well as Style Council collaborator Mick Talbot and Steve White. The Pistols had their film(s), the Clash their visual hommages, now here's the Jam. Enjoy!

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
And now, go out and buy Paul Weller's new CDE 22 Dreams - it might take a while for it to fell home at your place at first, but it will stay with you forever. And if you're in New York, I'll see you probably on the ominous 9/11 at the Highline Ballroom. Here's for the Modfather's rehabilitation!

The Greatest Hits as Many Matters on Swiss Day 08

This gig will go down in my New York memories as entirely enjoyable, in company of great friends and minds, musically and visually magnificent experience. I'm exaggerating? You weren't in our shoes! The sound's fake, of course - it's from Steve's trusty mini digi stick, during the one and only rehearsal. We're only getting started. Leane took all of these - and even more - amazing photographs. The Empire State Building appears courtesy of NYC.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Falcon flies, Lucinda Black Bear at Garden Party

The animal named bands come out to play again, and not the least of them: First, the Falcon really takes off with getting a big nod not only in NY Time Out, with above classic understated photo of the band, the stylish Mr. Bongers far left, as ever. Check out the TONY story here. Then read the Village Voice article, jump to the one from radio NPR, on to the one in ther Daily Herald and if you didnt realize that the guys are about to make it, read it in Chartnet. Then ask the guys about that strange Jared story yourself, we're sworn to silence.

Then our favorite teddy LUCINDA BLACK BEAR (minus Mike) will be playing a downsized acoustic set in an outside garden in Brooklyn this Thursday. Christian, at the moment playing the Boradway show Passing Strange to the film cameras of Spike lee, tells us it's the first ever party hosted by LIVE FEED and takes place at Bar Reis, 375 5th Ave at 6th St., Park Slope. According to him, there will be indeterminate chaos brought to you by the cast of Black Eye Fixer. Plus Dancing! Booze! Garden Flirtations! (what happens in the garden stays in the garden?) Come help them celebrate the concrete condo tidal wave that's taking Brooklyn by storm! $10 cover (to benefit the renegade theatrical tactics of the one-and-only LiveFeed). C. Gibbs and Lucinda Black Bear will play Joe's Pub August 6th before heading West on a US tour from until September 2nd, then head to Europe in October. And finally and occasion to post the beautiful video for the Bear's "You got it blue" video:

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Greatest Hits Starring as the Many Matters

Swiss National Day is the 1st of August, but here in New York we celebrate it early, so that most of us sweaty Swiss can get a plane on time for the real thing back home. The Swiss Benevolent Society who organize this event have found a great spot: The roof garden on top of the high rise building 230 Fifth Avenue. It's ten dollars to get in, but you will be rewarded with a great view, nice people, swiss food, and music: There's a live rock band, called Radon Love, and a DJ. With Jan and Bernd being out of town, I found fantastic friends to help me out for my part as "THE MANY MATTERS" - we play three songs by the greatest Swiss songwriter ever, Mr. Mani Matter. Since I was told that these songs don't work with my horrible St. Gallen accent, I translated them into English, where, being in NYC the accent don't matter much. The superb band, also dishing out a few 80ies Pop Songs in Cowpunk versions, is also known as The Greatest Hits with the wonderful Kerry Kennedy on vocals and guitar, the inimitable Quentin Jennings on vocals and all sorts of string instruments, NYs top ten bassman Christian Bongers, not to speak of the american Brassens, Pierre de Gaillande of Melomane and Steve Schiltz of Longwave. We had a blast rehearsing, and hope it comes across just as well as intended... Come help us out and sing along! It starts at 12 noon, Radon Love are on at 2pm, there's some short speeches and stuff, we're on after 3.30pm.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jarvis, Rockstar Like You And I, or Mick Jagger

So, Jarvis Cocker, leader of Brit-Pop's Pulp, came to town for two nights, first at the Williamsburg Hall of Music, next at Terminal 5, the new big space in midtown west. After seeing him last time at Webster Hall, it was clear that it will probably not be as cool as Pulp in 99 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, but Jarvis is an excellent showman and quite a British gentleman, too. With his long speeches and spastic dances, he's the kind of manly intellectual every girl wants to cuddle with, but then again, the wiry frame and the rock moves exude just as much sex as the (not so young) Mick Jagger. And then he lectures about the white man and the Blues. And then he says, there's only three things to write songs about: Sex, Death and Cars. And then he rants about American politics. And then everybody loves him. And then, him and his band look and sound just like The Rolling Stones. But beware: He has at least one new hit at hand: "Big Stuff" will be coming, oh yeah.

Andy White Pays Us A Visit From Australia!

He's Irish, but he's been living in Melbourne for about as long as I've been in New York: Old friend Andy White played a short notice gig last night at the Living Room and showed in a short 45 minute set that he hasn't lost his knack for melodic songwriting and witty lyrics. The highlight came when he unpacked his tiny 12-string "Aubergine" and per effect box added nice guitar loops to his acoustic strumming. Andy's new CD "Garageband" will be out in the U.S. in the next few weeks. He says it's a rock record and after giving it a first listening, we say he's right! Review to follow on this blog!

Only Chrysler Stays Cool at PS1

It's time for the PS1 dance fests again, no matter how high the temperatures out there rise. So we treked to Long Island City despite the blistering sun to hear the cooling soothing sounds of Theremin Queen Dorit Chrysler, who finally is back in town and working feverishly on a new record. There's one or two new pieces in the current set, I think, and judging by those, Dorit listened to a lot of Gary Numan, OMD and Young Marble Giants, lately - which, imo, is a good thing: Will there be a chart hit for the Austrian-American indie star?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hello New York, Goodbye Jan

Jan on stage with Room at East River Bar.

Summer is here and I am back, what a bad combination. Luckily, the snow are playing on Thursday, so I'll ice my cake there. Otherwise, of course, I miss the alps and the lakes, the cool climate and cool people. Seems a lot of people are either out of town or leaving town soon. On returning, we had to detect serious damage in the Room: Our dear omnitalent Jan is moving back to Berlin, today. We'll try to take it with stoic equanimity, but believe us, it's difficult. Anybody who's had the pleasure in seeing Jan either on stage or on a soccer pitch will agree. Best of luck meanwhile to Verena and Jan in Berlin, where publishers of beautiful books better hurry up to seek his advice. He'll stay loyal to the excellent New York publishing house of PA Press, I'm sure. To say goodbye, we have a little track with Jan doing the Stingster on a classic Poleez track, please don't tell em.