Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jarvis, Rockstar Like You And I, or Mick Jagger

So, Jarvis Cocker, leader of Brit-Pop's Pulp, came to town for two nights, first at the Williamsburg Hall of Music, next at Terminal 5, the new big space in midtown west. After seeing him last time at Webster Hall, it was clear that it will probably not be as cool as Pulp in 99 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, but Jarvis is an excellent showman and quite a British gentleman, too. With his long speeches and spastic dances, he's the kind of manly intellectual every girl wants to cuddle with, but then again, the wiry frame and the rock moves exude just as much sex as the (not so young) Mick Jagger. And then he lectures about the white man and the Blues. And then he says, there's only three things to write songs about: Sex, Death and Cars. And then he rants about American politics. And then everybody loves him. And then, him and his band look and sound just like The Rolling Stones. But beware: He has at least one new hit at hand: "Big Stuff" will be coming, oh yeah.

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Anonymous said...

Jarvis has a big mouth and some nice hip bones, but not a chance against The Fall's M.E.S.!