Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Roman Games at the Knitting Factory this Saturday!

Give it to Leane to get me to play one of the places heroes like Dan Treacy, Robyn Hitchcock or Mark E. Smith performed at... and on a Saturday night! Ok, so the KF is in Brooklyn now, but if you're spooked about that, you don't belong here anyway. I'll be sharing the bill with the amazing Alana Amram, who has been a guest on this blog since it's inception. Also, Kerry Kennedy and the Ghostwise band will play something like a pre-comeback show that promises to feature not just new material but also a quite happy, sassy KK...ask Dave about that, and his favorite books, too.
Under the old The Roman Games moniker I get to play with truly excellent musicians - Kristin Mueller on drums, Christian Bongers on bass, Burnt Finger on guitar and Dave Spinley on Sax.
More info and tickets here.