Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Swiss National Day at the Beach in Queens: Wed Aug 1st

The 1st of August is Swiss National Day and this year, we Swissies in NY celebrate it on the Water Taxi Beach in Queens! There are going to be Livebands, DJs and Beach Games, it's all for free and you are invited. There are Watertaxis leaving at 34th Street and 1st Avenue free of charge (That's worth the trip already.) Spectacular views of the Skyline with the UN headquarters right across the river.

Jan, Mike and me are going to play some Mani Matter chansons. Mani Matter was a unique storyteller and songwriter, who died on the way to a show in 1974. Kind of our Hank Williams or George Brassens. Then again, he was a politician and a lawyer. Kids in Switzerland still know all the words to the songs. I hope I will. We
are playing at 7.15 pm. Maybe Kerry will join us and we'll play some more. Catcha start at 6pm, Chin Chin will blow you away at 8pm.

Here's a picture of the amazing view from the Water Taxi Beach. For more go to The Water Taxi Beach Website.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer in da City and Sirens Calling

We heard the call of the Sirens on Saturday and descended on Coney Island just like all the fellow hipsters, but soon discovered that the sound has not improved from earlier years and quite a few bands seemed to have problems adjusting to the weird conditions, with music blaring from the stands and MCs alluring customers thru cheap blasters. So we opted for the healing power of salt water on the near beach, took a swim and then a ride on the still impressing Wonder Wheel. Wandering around we almost bumped into David Johansen and he flashed his Mick Jagger smile at my girl. Back to the music: We Are Scientists were good, powerful nerd punk. Cursive was a strange version of the Cure with bad sound. The highly praised M.I.A totally disappointed. The New York Dolls did a good job, nothing dead exciting, but they got the stadium sound down and seemed to enjoy their second coming. Btw,now, that everybody says Coney Island will be developed, it's certainly a good idea to go down there and see for yourself that there is indeed some stuff that could be nicely developped. Urban planning doesn't necessarily have to be bad. But I'm digressing. Saw Falcon with The Great Northern and The Comas yesterday at the Mercury Lounge and honestly, that was more interesting music than the whole Siren Festival. We just hope them village voice bookers haven't lost the touch - and that the Siren festival is still around come July 2008.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Full Tank on The Moon!

It's Friday and hot in Williamsburg, so take a cool RnR trip to the Luna Lounge to see the all female Full Tank. Rock n Roll is full of drama anyway, but even more so if the whole band consists of a bunch of fabulous women who all hold their own sway... I guess what I'm trying to say is: Every outing of the Tank can bring new surprises, be there four, five or six of them pwrr grrls. We'll dearly miss Eveline tonite, though, and strongly hold on to the belief that things will and people can change. Horns!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bastille Day with Gainsbourg and Kennedy

Almost missed this: Today is Bastille Day and quite a few friends of ours are honoring the French in them with a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg - it's the Loser's Lounge at Joe’s Pub! Kerry Kennedy will make her LL debut as part of this fantastic Bastille Day show. She’ll be singing “Soixante-Neuf Anne Erotique” with the fabulous Pierre de Gaillande. The rest of the killer line-up: Michael Cerveris, Ed Rogers & Amanda Thorpe (Bedsit Poets), Pierre De Gaillande (Melomane), Kerry Kennedy, Sean Altman & Sue K, Patti Rothberg, Boshra Alsaanti (Looker), Nick Danger, Joanna Choy, Lianne Smith (7 PM only), Joe Hurley, Stan Harrison, Mike Fornatale, Flaming Fire, Adira Amram (9:30 PM only). The Kustard Kings: Joe McGinty, David Terhune, Julian Maile, Jeremy Chatzky, Eddie Zweiback, Konrad Meissner And: Connie Petruk & Katia Floreska (backing vocals) With: Claudia Chopek (violin) and Eleanor Norton (cello). Joe's Pub is at 425 Lafayette Street, just below Astor Place.

There are two shows, one at 7 pm, the second (most probably sold out) at 9.30pm. They are $25, but worth it...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heatwave! Coney Island! Room Acoustic!

Yes - it's broken! As I write this, I see dark clouds coming up and a cool wind picking up, cool enough to finally blog again. It was just too damn hot. And to jump into the pool in Williamsburg means McCurrin Park in Greenpoint where you have Built to Spill and Sonic Youth and whatnot. Or take the train to Coney Island on the 21st of July and cruise through the attractions and bands such as the New York Dolls...all for free, mhm.

But first, come down to Bar on A again next Wednesday. We have two more shows before we take a summer break. The first one is acoustic at Bar on A, featuring on three guitars Beautiful Burnt, Jaunty Jan and Roaming Rome. Bar on A is at the south eastern corner of Avenue A and 11th Street in the East Village. The show is free and Michael is bar tending.
Starters at 9pm.

The second on, on July 27th at East River Bar is electric and features also our trusted rhythm section Marvelous Martial and Jingle Jangle Jean-Cosme. That night, the Blissful Martin Bisi and the crafty Hot Iron Swallos with rock you, too. Hope to see you here, there and everywhere.

Friday, July 06, 2007

My Good Old Camera

How lucky is Roman that I have a good old digital camera.
Here's Anton Sword:

Here are the Headquarters:

And as a little extra, Manu Chao at Prospect Park:

Monday, July 02, 2007

No I-phone, no Treo, but Television live

Without waiting in line, I got my own little iphone story, too. My treo broke down the day the iphone came out - and I have always told people how much I wanted an iphone, as soon as it was available - sometimes even in the presence of my treo. Now I suspect my 650 just told me to go eff myself and stopped working. Maybe its just sulking. Anyway, why is that of any importance to you? - You don't get to see pictures of Anton Sword's Record Release Party, no pictures of Diako Diakoff's booty moving show at Grasslands amazing futuristic 80's retro party, not a single shot of Charles and the HeadQuarters at their furious Annex show and you will even miss the beautiful photo I took of Pierre and Hillary at the snow show at the Living Room on Saturday. I got one little consolation goody for you, though, an excerpt of Television's great last show at Summer Stage in Central Park. Now about that iphone, is it any good, Pete?