Monday, July 02, 2007

No I-phone, no Treo, but Television live

Without waiting in line, I got my own little iphone story, too. My treo broke down the day the iphone came out - and I have always told people how much I wanted an iphone, as soon as it was available - sometimes even in the presence of my treo. Now I suspect my 650 just told me to go eff myself and stopped working. Maybe its just sulking. Anyway, why is that of any importance to you? - You don't get to see pictures of Anton Sword's Record Release Party, no pictures of Diako Diakoff's booty moving show at Grasslands amazing futuristic 80's retro party, not a single shot of Charles and the HeadQuarters at their furious Annex show and you will even miss the beautiful photo I took of Pierre and Hillary at the snow show at the Living Room on Saturday. I got one little consolation goody for you, though, an excerpt of Television's great last show at Summer Stage in Central Park. Now about that iphone, is it any good, Pete?

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