Saturday, June 30, 2007

HeadQuarters With New EP at the Annex

King Charles of HeadQuarters is back in town and somehow he manages to bring a new EP, "O and O" with him. And, of course, a very special show at the Annex tonite. Head Quarters has been one of the most consistent, tightest and passionate outfits in the New York scene for years and it's about time they you hipsters give the credits - they've been doing the '68 thing long before most of the Williamsburg males got any facial hair at all. So come and watch them go apeshit at the Annex, they sounded great there in the past and promise to break into another a whole other sphere now.
Charles says we should get there early "cuz 1. they usually have drink specials or an open bar at this place early. 2. Be sure to catch the whole set cuz we are doing a bunch of new material. 3. You get in for $5 until 11pm. They'll have EP's on sale for the first time, so bring some extra bucks for that too! The private after-after party will be announced at the show for attendees...

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