Monday, February 27, 2006

Room for Rock in a Jazzbar

Room for Rock in a Jazz Bar

So you had fun, but we were too loud for you at East River Bar, last time? Here's your chance then: Room play a rare semi acoustic show for the nice people at Detour, NYC. Overlord will begin the festivities, followed by a set of songs by Kerry Kennedy, Mike Fornatale and Roman Game, then Room. As Joes Strummer would say: Rock the Chasbahr!

May The Overlord Be With you!

So Overlord had to prove they can live up to the promise their songs on MySpace made...and they did, not once but twice: A lush sounding performance at Pianos on Friday and a powerful show at galapagos on Saturday. Their songs are well crafted pop tunes, the likes that Julian Cope, the Byrds or Velvet Underground could have written. Next to the gracious class of Kerry Kennedy, some of the male members of the band desperately need fashion advice, though. If you wonder, what Overlord sounds like, the podcast on the right is most probably playing my favorite of their tunes, The Family Plot. Or you can come and check them out on March 7th at Detour.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Swordsman Entertains at the Knitting Factory

The Swordsman at the Knitting Facotry

Downstairs at the old office last Friday Anton Sword lulled us into his universe of sounds and, erm, words. The exceptional Heather Wagner lent a hand on drums, and, who would have expected it, they were close to rocking, at least for one song. Antons material is from another world, deep inside his soul, where words and sounds are very fragile. Not really something for us punx, but just right for a cold winter night. He promises to be even funnier next time and that his jokes will not all be about this blog...and rumor has it that he will show up with a two foot long plastic sword. U gotta see that.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Indie Alternative 1 - Americana Rock 1

It's a tie between the performances of C. Gibbs and Falcon yesterday at Pianos and Southpaw - both shows were great, but about as different as bands with guitars, drums and keyboards can be. Falcon sound like a sophisticated cross of the Flaming Lips and Coldplay, with the right big'n'mighty wall of sound, while C. Gibbs sounded better than ever, with Melomane's Pierre making a strong impression as new guitar hero and Q. giving the dignified british Lord he is. The crowd at Pianos looked a bit better, but the people at Southpaw danced way better. Good to see the guys from Kinetic again - they have a record coming out and a couple of show coming up, notably with Overlord at Fat Baby on March 16th.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Reason Nobody Knows What's In the New Village Voice - Go See C.Gibbs Instead!

Well...wouldnt happen on the internet, now, would it? That doesnt mean im not picking the VV up anytime theres one left in that very red box. Soccer on hold, TV program bad, Olympics not what they supposed to be... Let's rock! For example Thursday night at Southpaw where we all should enjoy C. Gibbs with his grooving outfit including dear Melomane members Q. and Pee/dog/air.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bushwick Astronauts Goodbye

Here's a little teaser from Morex Optimo's last show at the surprisingly nice Wreckroom in Bushwick. Yuri takes an open ended break now and the question is who will join Heather and Kristofer in their journey to the core of music?

On the Westward Trail through New York

Missed HeadQuarters at Fat Baby on Thursday, but was pleasantly surprised by the duo that went on after them: The Westward Trail play Punktronic in the best possible indie manner. Propelling beats, passionate guitar play and great vocal harmonies with the right dose of angst. They are from Boston, so make sure you see them next time around here.

On the Westward Trail Through New York

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Everyone Loves Yuri...

...but Yuri leaves. Sad but obviously true news from Morex Optimo. Let this blog to be the first to start a petition for Yuri to reconsider his decision and keep our favorite intellectual punk combo together - post your outraged comments below, I'll make sure Yuri gets them. It's not all over yet, Baby Blue: Check the band's last show out this coming Friday at Wreckroom in Bushwick, 949 Flushing Ave (L to Morgan Ave). Here's what Heather writes:

"hey, so as it turns out, if you were maybe on the fence about coming to see us this friday, um, well here's a bit of news that might help you make your mind up one way or the other: sadly, it's going to be yuri's last show. i don't know when we're going to play again, but we're not breaking up, kristofer and i are going to see if we can keep it together and find maybe 5 or 7 musicians who can fill in yuri's parts.

yes, we're really bummed so it might be your chance to see a live rock band crying through the whole show!(we never said we weren't pussies.)and i guess, if you know any wildly talented musicans with perfect pitch and impeccable time and exquisite sense of melody and who sing like angels and can play every instrument and can play
rock/country/punk/jazz/fusion/mathrock/metal/classical/klezmer/gamelan and have always wanted to play in 13/7 time with a sullen swede and smartass drummerchick, um. yeah. let us know."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

HeadQuarters on the Road Again

It's already February and we haven't had a single HeadQuarters show yet - how did we get thru the cold without them? High time to go to Fat Baby this Thursday, Feb 9th, to see the boys and rock out. Their music, your dancing and a whiskey with a lemon is the surest way to avoid a cold. And since models tend to get booked into the Hotel on Rivington and Fat Baby is just across the street, we can first hand find out if it's true that models love rockstars... I mean, look at them!

The Television Personalities Are Back

The original TVPs are back - their new record is out on Domino records and Dan Treacy not only resurfaced after ten years of drugs, petty crime and a stint on an british prison boat, but he also reunited with the fantastic Ed Ball. Let's hope we all get to see them live again!

Television Personalities - All The Young Children On Crack