Friday, February 17, 2006

Indie Alternative 1 - Americana Rock 1

It's a tie between the performances of C. Gibbs and Falcon yesterday at Pianos and Southpaw - both shows were great, but about as different as bands with guitars, drums and keyboards can be. Falcon sound like a sophisticated cross of the Flaming Lips and Coldplay, with the right big'n'mighty wall of sound, while C. Gibbs sounded better than ever, with Melomane's Pierre making a strong impression as new guitar hero and Q. giving the dignified british Lord he is. The crowd at Pianos looked a bit better, but the people at Southpaw danced way better. Good to see the guys from Kinetic again - they have a record coming out and a couple of show coming up, notably with Overlord at Fat Baby on March 16th.

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