Thursday, February 09, 2006

Everyone Loves Yuri...

...but Yuri leaves. Sad but obviously true news from Morex Optimo. Let this blog to be the first to start a petition for Yuri to reconsider his decision and keep our favorite intellectual punk combo together - post your outraged comments below, I'll make sure Yuri gets them. It's not all over yet, Baby Blue: Check the band's last show out this coming Friday at Wreckroom in Bushwick, 949 Flushing Ave (L to Morgan Ave). Here's what Heather writes:

"hey, so as it turns out, if you were maybe on the fence about coming to see us this friday, um, well here's a bit of news that might help you make your mind up one way or the other: sadly, it's going to be yuri's last show. i don't know when we're going to play again, but we're not breaking up, kristofer and i are going to see if we can keep it together and find maybe 5 or 7 musicians who can fill in yuri's parts.

yes, we're really bummed so it might be your chance to see a live rock band crying through the whole show!(we never said we weren't pussies.)and i guess, if you know any wildly talented musicans with perfect pitch and impeccable time and exquisite sense of melody and who sing like angels and can play every instrument and can play
rock/country/punk/jazz/fusion/mathrock/metal/classical/klezmer/gamelan and have always wanted to play in 13/7 time with a sullen swede and smartass drummerchick, um. yeah. let us know."

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Anonymous said...

i dont think he will leave for good. he's too good.