Saturday, June 30, 2007

HeadQuarters With New EP at the Annex

King Charles of HeadQuarters is back in town and somehow he manages to bring a new EP, "O and O" with him. And, of course, a very special show at the Annex tonite. Head Quarters has been one of the most consistent, tightest and passionate outfits in the New York scene for years and it's about time they you hipsters give the credits - they've been doing the '68 thing long before most of the Williamsburg males got any facial hair at all. So come and watch them go apeshit at the Annex, they sounded great there in the past and promise to break into another a whole other sphere now.
Charles says we should get there early "cuz 1. they usually have drink specials or an open bar at this place early. 2. Be sure to catch the whole set cuz we are doing a bunch of new material. 3. You get in for $5 until 11pm. They'll have EP's on sale for the first time, so bring some extra bucks for that too! The private after-after party will be announced at the show for attendees...

HeadQuarters HomepageHeadQuarters MySpace

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Fine Art of the Sword: CD Release this Thurs!

His weapons of choice are his voice and his keyboards, which he used in recent years to help out on different projects in NYC, most notably his extremly sophisticated collaboration with British Obercrooner JC as JC & Anphibius. But now, Anton Sword comes out of hiding and releases his solo record "A Sentimental Education (see more in the CD reviews column to the right). He promises free give-aways and a short showcase for the record release party this Thursday at 9pm at Bar on A, 11th Street and Avenue A. It's your only chance to see him now, before he travels and tours Europe again... Ever elusive and on the move, just like his etheral songs.

KK Stands for Kreative Knack...

...or, of course, Kerry Kennedy, who showcased some new songs for the first time at Bar on A last Thursday, and oh what diamonds. Accompained by Mike Fornatale Kerry played two of her new songs, which easily stood next to two excellent covers. We've had rumors of Kerry's upcoming solo album for two years on this blog now, and believe me, we've been pushing as hard as possible... but if the rest of the material is as good as these quiet, almost vulnerable songs, it is definitely worth the wait. Plus, I've seen the CD cover (great - think Patti Smith or P.J. Harvey), so there's movement. Next time you see KK, tell her to hurry up, fame won't wait around the corner forever!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sorry for the late notice: We have a very nice acoustic bill at Bar on A for you tonight, Thursday, starting at 9pm. The talented KERRY KENNEDY (Ex-Blue Sparks, Overlord, Morex Optimo) is going to reveal some of her new songs, with a little help from MIKE FORNATALE (Shaw 'Nuff, Monks, Mooney Suzuki,...).
After Kerry, the ROOMINATORS will take the stage. As the name suggests, they consist of members of Room (Jan, Roman, possibly Jean-Cosme) with the help of the fine Mr. ANTON SWORD (JC & Anpihibius, collaborations with half of NYCs music scene) on piano, adding special flavor to the downstripped acoustic songs. Bar on A is at the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A in Manhattan. The show is free, the people friendly.
Let me also thank to the many of you who came to my birthday bash last week - there were more than 40 people on stage and more than forty songs presented! I enjoyed it so much! Leane and Denise shot great video of at least one song of everybody who played. I will cut the footage and post it on YouTube. Let me know if you want a copy of the whole thing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hipster Invasion on Roosevelt Island

Katie Eastburn from 'Young People'

The other night I met a hipster in a bar downtown. He was in Manhattan that night, but of course he lives in Williamsburg. He told me some interesting things about being a hipster. First thing apparently is that a hipster doesn't think of himself as a hipster. But this particular hipster does, and that makes him a super-hipster in my mind. Anyway, when he learned that I live on Roosevelt Island he told me that there was going to be a big hipster BBQ party on that island the very next Sunday! So on that day I packed a bag with some sunscreen and my camera and strolled down to the southern tip of the island. And indeed, there were tons of hipsters down there, having a great hippie style party with a huge line-up of musicians playing acoustic sets. I didn't know anybody and because I had a hang-over once again I didn't have the energy to talk to anybody. Still, I had a great time just listening to music, sunbathing and taking a couple of pictures and videos. Here is one of the 'Aa aka BIG A little a':

This is a annual event called 'Todd P's springtime unamplified acoustic BBQ'. So I think next year we should all prepare BBQ food, put a lot of drinks in a cooler box, pack our instruments and go down there to party along. Oh, and check out Todd P's page , he organizes a lot of shows in Brooklyn and it all sounds like pretty sweet stuff to me.

One more movie on my youtube account and more pics in my photodiary...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Proposal

Last night at 12:14 am Roman proposed marriage to his girlfriend of 15 years Denise! Everybody had expected a big bash for Roman's 40th birthday party at the East River Bar, but that there would also be a proposal was a big surprise. After already dozens of performances in Roman's honor, his band Room started playing 'Room - the song' with modified lyrics and Jan impersonating the lead singer. Then suddenly Roman himself got on stage and this happened:

And just so you know, she said 'yes'! We are all excited to hear when the big wedding party is going to be. And I think I speak on everbody's behalf saying that this is the most wonderful thing, especially because they are both so wonderful people and may their love prevail for ever.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daria's Rock Night

How many bands does Christian Gibbs have? Apparently at least one more than I thought until I looked up the band The Droves that was sharing the bill with Melomane last Thursday night at Hank's Saloon. As it turned out, this is the band in which Christian can be his true self, a rocker:

Hank's Saloon is a great dive bar in Brooklyn and it was packed with friends of the bands and a couple of very special regulars. And it sports a beautiful American flag behind the stage, I wish Melomane had played 'The Ballot is The Bullet'!

The lady of the night, however, was definitely Daria Grace, who works at this bar and acted as a host and sound master and of course the coolest bassist in town. She can also sing and play the bass at the same time, a task that I was told requires very special skills. Check it out in this video:

There is one more video of Melomane on my youtube account in which I captured the double-guitar-solo of Quentin and Pierre and as usual, more pics can be found in my photodiary.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Snow is Back

After a little time off, the band 'The Snow' is now back, hopefully for good! It was the first time I got to hear this sensitive pop-folk band. The setting was very intimate at Mo Pitkin's downstairs spot very late on a Thursday night but everybody who was there was listening eagerly. Pierre and Hilary were singing in complete harmony, accompanied by cautious and exact drums and the delicate sound of a clarinet. Check it out for yourselves, I definetely want to hear them again:

Friday, June 01, 2007

40 Years of Roman Game - Join the Open Mic Night! Wednesday, June 13th

I must have lost some time somewhere along the way, or somebody must have made a calculating error, but it really looks like I am turning 40. Finally, those days of youth are over and I can start to become an adult! Come and help me celebrate, give me advice such as the number of your lawyer and your plastic surgeon or the address of a nice senior citizen's home:

We will host an open mic night at
92 South 6th Street, btw. Berry and Whythe Avenues
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you are a MUSICIAN or feel like it, I'd be honored if you play a song or three for me.

There is a stage all set with guitar, keyboards and bass, amps and instruments, microphones and a PA. You can bring your own instruments, if you like or play the Tuba or the Theremin or invented your instrument yourself. It doesn't need to be a song either - any kind of presentation is welcome, no censorship. If you ever been to one of Pierre's legendary Arty Parties, you know the deal. Can we cram 40 songs into one night, one for each year?

Let me know if you intend to play and what would be your preferred time, so that we can organize some kind of schedule.

East River Bar is a beautiful old tavern with a pool table, ping pong table and foosball kicker. We start off around eight with a little food in the garden.

Looking very much forward to it and i promise I won't perform, but listen! And for those who think I dont really make a good indian: