Friday, June 01, 2007

40 Years of Roman Game - Join the Open Mic Night! Wednesday, June 13th

I must have lost some time somewhere along the way, or somebody must have made a calculating error, but it really looks like I am turning 40. Finally, those days of youth are over and I can start to become an adult! Come and help me celebrate, give me advice such as the number of your lawyer and your plastic surgeon or the address of a nice senior citizen's home:

We will host an open mic night at
92 South 6th Street, btw. Berry and Whythe Avenues
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you are a MUSICIAN or feel like it, I'd be honored if you play a song or three for me.

There is a stage all set with guitar, keyboards and bass, amps and instruments, microphones and a PA. You can bring your own instruments, if you like or play the Tuba or the Theremin or invented your instrument yourself. It doesn't need to be a song either - any kind of presentation is welcome, no censorship. If you ever been to one of Pierre's legendary Arty Parties, you know the deal. Can we cram 40 songs into one night, one for each year?

Let me know if you intend to play and what would be your preferred time, so that we can organize some kind of schedule.

East River Bar is a beautiful old tavern with a pool table, ping pong table and foosball kicker. We start off around eight with a little food in the garden.

Looking very much forward to it and i promise I won't perform, but listen! And for those who think I dont really make a good indian:


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