Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Room, Anton Sword and Too Many Zebras

FAT BABY is at 112 Rivington Street, btw. Essex and Ludlow. Room team up again with Anton Sword and the We Ours as well as Too Many Zebras, Brett Hammond's new exciting vehicle. Expectations? Let's put it in Anton's words: "We feel like you, our audience, is as much a creator of our music as we are. None of it would be possible --well, sort of possible, but not very enjoyable -- without you. So we hope some of you come by so we can play for you and with you. Sappy, eh? Yet true. We are not deluded. Sure, we make the music, but making a night is a team effort between us all." You in?


Eurotrash outfit ROOM have gained a reputation for giving quite riotous shows in the past five years, but with recently added keyboard wizard Quentin Jennings (Melomane, The Dylans, C. Gibbs Review) and saxophone master Dave Spinely (The Snow, Morricone Youth) they have polished their rock and discovered some gems among their songs. Martial Vivot ist not just the best hair stylist in town, he's also known as French Keith Moon. Jean-Cosme Delaloye has a shiny white new bass that rivals his looks. Burnt Finger sets the guitar on fire. Singer Roman Game added a few new pieces to his series of songs about professions. Come hear the story of the Wealth Manager 2008 or the one about the Parachute Tester, packed in Room's tight psychedelic pop punk.

"No testosterone metal crap. I hope these guys go far!" - Captain Sensible, The Damned
"It's a wonder nobody gets hurt!" - Bob, Owner of Bar On A, Manhattan
"I'm glad I'm Room's friend." - Ed Ball of Television Personalities
"Great songs!" - Karl Wallinger, World Party



Too Many Zebras got their name from an audition gone wrong! Brett and Martin hailing from the UK but now NYC transplants made their American debut on tour with the reggae band UB40. At that time they were in the Brit rock band Bigmouth (V2 artist Chris Hicken aka 'Cantinero'). Bigmouth were signed to Stu Fine's Wild Pitch Record label in NYC and worked with 2x Grammy award winning producer Neil Dorfsman (Sting, Paul McCartney) on their self titled release Bigmouth which picked up airplay nationally. Touring the Wild Pitch release they shared the stage with Presidents Of The United States, Spacehog, Tracey Bonham, The Buzzcocks and many more.

Brett and Martin went on to develop their skills with another underground band from NYC called Sunshine Club and ended up touring in the UK in 2007. Steve Williams is a seasoned drummer who has worked and toured with David Byrne (Talking Heads), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) Sade, Ivan Neville, PM Dawn and De La Soul amongst many more. The trio got together when Brett and Martin felt they needed to re-discover their early UK roots and find a sound that incorporated all the best of post-punk UK bands that influenced them. They reached out to the NYC music community and found Steve who was drawn to the band as he has worked extensively with British music artists and felt an affinity with the sound Brett and Martin were making, so was formed Too Many Zebras. They are currently recording and performing in NYC.



“Interesting, musically subtle, tasteful, original, witty music...infectiously rhythmic and impossibly memorable. “

“Dark and scintillating and full of texture...Anton Sword is a storyteller with an artist's ear for music, constructing these vast musical landscapes against which his bard’s tales are told...The musicianship is outstanding. “

One day when he was a child in New York City Anton put his ear against a speaker in a dark apartment on the Upper West Side and went into a trance. He had a long dream. When he woke up twenty years later his heart was permanently broken, but in a good way. Trying to make a movie out of the turbulence in his mind, he found himself writing songs at the piano instead, blending Roxy Music's weird romance, John Lennon's plangent sincerity, Radiohead's art-prog, and Elliott Smith’s melancholy with jazzier and more indie-rock influences. Over the past two years the songs have been brought to full pop power by Sword’s amazing band The We Ours, which showcases thrilling drummer Kristin Mueller (also of Lucinda Black Bear), and great group vocals by savory guitarist Kristofer Widholm (Morex Optimo), sweet guitarist Julian Maile (Spray Paint Star, Losers Lounge) and bassist/cellist Jessica Hallman.