Monday, May 18, 2009

In My Mind, I Take You with Me...

It's been a great couple of weeks with nice shows, great music, lovely people during an NYC spring that finally made it - you just can't help falling in love with New York City all over again, right when you're about to go on vacation...It's like that every year, isn't it. Anyway, before I touch Swiss ground tomorrow, let me take you through a quick photographical tour of what happened in the musical life of the Gamester recently...Good quality pics by Tobias Klutke.

Jan came to town and Room played two nice shows, starting to earn themselves a reputation as the Madness of New York...

...thanks largely, of course, to the glorious contributions of Quentin Jennings and Dave Spinely. What a fine room now!

I then had the chance to sing my song Beaches Apart with the wonderful Kerry Kennedy and her Ghostwise band. Leane shot great video of KK and Ghostwise, which I will post here as soon as I get the chance!

Also, the American Troubadour Charles Wallace was in town, dishing out his folk and protest songs in dark New York clubs instead of Switzerland's neat stages. Aided masterfully by Mollie Kings and - yes, it's him again - Quentin Jennings.

And not enough of the fine Dave Spine, here with his band The Snow who played a great set of fine chamber pop at Union Hall before Room.

More of the brave Dave, here in C. Gibbs newest outfit at their splendid performance at the Small Beast at Delancey, Paul Wallfischs ever growing Thursday event.

I leave you with a picture of Anton Fine and the We Ours, whom I have the pleasure to see live again in Switzerland, where they are currently touring. Also haunting Swiss clubs will be above mentioned Christian Gibbs with the esteemed Mr. Privateman Frank. Looking forward to breathe swiss air!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Room at Union Hall ...Now!

Couldn't make it on Thursday, but want to see and hear Brooklyn's new power outfit Room? Or been there Thursday but just didn't have enough Room? We are playing live again tonight, Saturday May 9th at Union Hall, Corner of 5th Avenue and Union Street, Brooklyn. It is a beautiful big bar with indoors boccia and a nice concert space downstairs.We are playing after the magic The Snow, who play modern pop music with great stories. Lucid Culture writes about the band: “The Snow’s name is somewhat ironic: this is very warm, accessible, emotionally vivid music.”. Captain Sensible of The Damned says of Room: "Nice mix of styles, no testosterone metal crap - I hope these guys go far!"

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


This Thursday, May 7th, come see one of the rare Room performances, enhanced by Jan Haux from Berlin on vocals and shenanigans, Quentin Jennings of Melomane and Dylans fame and Dave Spinely of The Snow who brings the legendary roar of a Psychedelic Furs sax. We play at 10.30m.

Then Kerry Kennedy will take the stage with her Ghostwise band - again including Jan, the original drummer for Ghostwise - and you will all be stunned by how soft and touching and smooth music can be.

Last but not least, Charles Wallace of the infamous American Mod band HeadQuarters is in town and presents new acoustic songs from the new folky CD "Amerikanischer Troubadour" that he produced in Switzerland. He first plays Public Assembly in Williamsburg (fromer Galapagos), then comes down to Fontanas. Last chance before he returns to Europe!