Monday, January 26, 2009

Small Beast Quite Big, Kennedy taking off

Paul Wallfisch's new music event "Small Beast", is taking off nicely and the songsmith and piano player is all smiles and seems to have found the right ambiance on the main floor at the Delancey for his eclectic mix. Paul has the show solidly booked for every Thrusday night till the end of March and we're in for some treats like Pierre De Gaillande's excellent translations of Georges Brassens songs and Posies Frontman Ken Stringfellow and, of course, C. Gibbs when he's back from touring. Pictured above is the spirited Abby Travis which tamed the Small Beast last Thursday with witty songs on piano and bass. Might the fine lady be a secret daughter of Paul McCartney, we wondered?

Meanwhile Kerry Kennedy got an amazing review of her show at Rose. "I'm still pinching myself," says Kerry of the raving article. "I have no idea who this guy is, but I am going to bake him cookies." More than cookies also deserves her guitar player Nathan Halpern, who played an amazing set of souled Americana with his band at a packed Zebulon on Friday. We'd have included a picture, but it's just too damn dark to photograph in there. I'm not complaining.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rose in Bloom: Kerry Kennedy and Anton Sword

Kerry Kennedy is back in town and will be performing a short set with the new version of her Ghostwise band, this coming Wednesday, January 21, at Rose Live Music in Williamsburg. If you are in town and miss this, this blog can't help you anymore. We told you about Kerry's excellence years ago, and we hear that they will be trying out some new material after spending the time in the studio. They'll be on at 9pm sharp. The Ghostwise band this time round - missing Jan - is:
Jason Binnick-bass
Nathan Halpern- guitar
Kerry Kennedy- vocals, guitar
Brain Wolfe- drum
We don't need to tell you anything more about favorite our poet laureate, Anton Sword and his all-star band who play at 10pm. If you haven't seen Anton, you probably think Williamsburg is in Virginia. So wrong. He's getting married, too. Not enuff? well, this is a recession special! The show is FREE! They will, however, pass the hat around for the folks who can afford to donate a few bucks to support the, erm, biz.

Monday, January 12, 2009

No Small Beast For A Wallfisch!

Do fishes sleep? The Wallfisch doesn't: Botanica-Leader and Little Annie collaborator Paul Wallfisch is curating a new music event, Small Beast. Premiering this Thursday in the intimate and elegant environment of the Delancey's main-floor back room, Small Beast will present an eclectic mix of creative performers and songwriters. The Beast aims to become the New York vortex of an ephemeral, international scene where artists and listeners alike can come together for a song, an evening, a residency, and all forms of creative experimentation. The Beast is not a jam night but does encourage spontaneous performance and artistic co-operation. Small Beast will be a place where artists accustomed to doing one thing might try another; where a small space becomes a welcome antidote to a bigger club or hall. The host of this minimalist, hard cabaret, Paul Wallfisch, erstwhile co-conspirator with Firewater, Congo Norvell, Love and Rockets and many others, currently leads the band Botanica and functions as Alt/Dub/CabaDiva Little Annie’s sidekick. Paul will do a short set of his own each week--solo and with different collaborators-- followed by at least one guest artist's set. (And whoever else might show up...) Good luck - we'll be there.

Gibbs'n'Grace - the Debut

Forget G'n'R - we give you G'n'G: Southpaw saw the birth of a new supergroup of country rock last Friday when Jack and Daria Grace teamed up with Christian Gibbs, expertly helped by members of their respective bands. Highlight were fantastic cover versions of Lee Hazlewood's "Summer Wine" and Gibbs' very own rendition of Springsteens "Born to run". I am still convinced we are going to witness the comeback of Techno, but til then, try to get as much of these earthy rocks.

The United Enkels ask: Where is Zurich?

Sometimes you have to go far away, to a winter wonderland, take the musical express waiting on track 13, hook up with the United Enkels and let the good old times roll...I had the honor and pleasure of playing with four former members of Die Letzte Uebung, Switzerland's first New Wave band, with the impressive growl of Mark E. Fennelman, Mr. Fred "Dub" Stieger, the crazy rhythms of D-J Stieger, the blasting horns of Beat Weibel, the unique Wolfman Peter on guitar and the helping hands of Michael Gallusser. A very ambitious set list couldn't scare us..but the audience kind of did: At Palace in St. Gallen, they get to see pretty much the best acts on tour all year round. Not easily impressed, I tell you. Shout outs go to the Rodney Park Rangers, Brooklyn was in the house. So Was Zagreb, and, to some extent Zueri! Thanks to Raphael for the video, there should be more soon on