Monday, January 26, 2009

Small Beast Quite Big, Kennedy taking off

Paul Wallfisch's new music event "Small Beast", is taking off nicely and the songsmith and piano player is all smiles and seems to have found the right ambiance on the main floor at the Delancey for his eclectic mix. Paul has the show solidly booked for every Thrusday night till the end of March and we're in for some treats like Pierre De Gaillande's excellent translations of Georges Brassens songs and Posies Frontman Ken Stringfellow and, of course, C. Gibbs when he's back from touring. Pictured above is the spirited Abby Travis which tamed the Small Beast last Thursday with witty songs on piano and bass. Might the fine lady be a secret daughter of Paul McCartney, we wondered?

Meanwhile Kerry Kennedy got an amazing review of her show at Rose. "I'm still pinching myself," says Kerry of the raving article. "I have no idea who this guy is, but I am going to bake him cookies." More than cookies also deserves her guitar player Nathan Halpern, who played an amazing set of souled Americana with his band at a packed Zebulon on Friday. We'd have included a picture, but it's just too damn dark to photograph in there. I'm not complaining.


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