Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monday Feb 27: The Small Beast 145 at the Delancey

We have another beastly night coming up and are happy to invite you to this free show at the Delancey, 168 Delancey Street, Manhattan. Come and see the following five acts:

8pm Ruby Akeret
9pm Colwell
10:00pm Mollie King and Charles Wallace
11pm The Roman Games and Lost in Sound

8PM Ruby Akeret
Doctor Robert Akeret is one of the most interesting characters you'll ever meet. He's a philosopher and psychotherapist, a bestselling author and a treasure trove of stories collected in his rich life of over 80 years. This unique man about town of Swiss roots will perform with a set of a dozen harmonicas and play several international songs - Russian Korobushka, Argentine Tango, American Square Dance (Ruby composing), Israeli Miserlou and a Persian explosive tune. He plays in E minor, D, C, and G and is ready to sit in on a song with other artists performing.

9PM Colwell
Colwell are cousins Clayton & Jeb Colwell. Long time best friends and bandmates, these two old geezers have been a songwriting team since their early teens, and were the brains and inspiration behind their formers bands Hector on Stilts and Freakwent Flyahs. The cousins are carrying on a family heritage of music for the masses. Their fathers were the co-founders and songwriters for the 1960’s Pepsodent-fresh glee club, Up With People, who were performing at Super Bowl halftimes before Janet Jackson got her first training bra. The senior Colwells passed onto Clayton and Jeb a legacy of people-pleasing music and an unending fondness for the sweet and "poppy." Sounds like: The Jayhawks covering Katy Perry.

10PM Mollie King and Charles Wallace

Moving from Tennessee to New York at eighteen, Mollie King was the singer and lyricist for many different bands back in the '90s, including the jazz/hip-hop/metal of Kingstone and was the first lead singer in the psych/blues/improv of the Elliott Sharp band-Terraplane. In the last decade she led her own rock band-Lotus 33, sang and recorded with the supernatural circus- Starchild and collaborated with Elisa Jimenez and the Hungerworld, creating the music for several fashion fantasy rock operas. She has performed all over the world.

Former HeadQuarters leader Wallace is back in town after a three-year stay in Zurich and the swiss air must have had a invigorating and inspiring effect on this ever so stylish artist: He delivered such a passionate performance at the Small Beast a month ago that we want him back immediately!
Mollie and Charles have been performing songs together as long as most of us can remember. The beatnik Wallace goes folk, the soul diva King adapts to the mod: In combination, the duo creates a new blend of stellar pop.

11PM The Roman Games and Lost in Sound
With Mike Lawson on drums, Jesko Stahl on bass, Dave Spinley on sax and Quentin Jennings on keyboards, Swiss writer and singer Roman Game has found to a new and more quiet but all the more convincing sound and expression. By trying to stick to Mr Keith Richards lesson that what you don't play is more important than what you do, the band gives the songs space and depth. To close out the night, Mike will switch from the sticks to the guitar and close out the night with the mighty Jaguar.