Friday, June 17, 2011

Lloyd Cole at City Winery

So Lloyd Cole, huh, he spots a moustache now and looks a lot like my uncle Bernie. Bernie has a lot of jokes to tell, Lloyd's still not very good at that, but my uncle to my knowledge never wrote anything that comes near the pristine songs of Lloyd Cole, be they from his days in the Commotions back in Glasgow or from his various records in New York. The best pieces though come from his newest album, "Broken Record", on which Mark Schwaber and Matt Cullen, the two brillant guitar players Lloyd brought to his left and right, made the songs sparkle and shine. Lloyd still lives in Conneticut, but his son moved to New York. We suggested a collaboration between Lloyd and Will with Neil Finn and his son Liam. Generations of Beatles fans would be delighted. As long as that doesn't happen, this songsmith deserves your full attention, he still says it better than most poets can.

The Lloyd Cole Small Acoustic Ensemble with a big warm sound.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Come Perform at the Small Beast - Mon, June 13th

Monday by now is not the dreaded day of the week it was during The Boomtown Rats' time, but the day of the glorious Small Beast at the Delancey, a free showcase for musicians from all walks of life.

The next MONDAY JUNE 13th, also happens to be my birthday... So i hope all of you could come out and sing a song, or play a piece of music, or stage a presentation... Every performance will be rewarded with a free drink!

Let me know, if you plan to perform... a few people have already signed up for it, and it promises to have a few must-hear/see surprises.

If you don't want to perform, join us as a guest, it's free!

Those of you who have been to Pierre's legendary Arty Party know the concept and the comedic skills of some of our friends... Also, see this as a rehearsal for the grand revival of the real Arty Party, which will be launched by Pierre, Heather and me on June 25th at Tip Top Lounge, but more about that soon.

Moreover: There is also a proper birthday rock show coming up, on WEDNESDAY JUNE 15th at MATCHLESS in Greenpoint, with ANTON SWORD AND THE WE OURS and PSXO and THE ROMAN GAMES. It's the night before the Northside Festival begins, and unfortunately that one is not free, but we all rehearsed for this hard and will sound good... More about that one soon, too!