Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rooming the Lower East Side

Room Is Here To Stay

Old Europe strikes back - in the heart of New York City. Room is hard to get in this city, but you should definitely try to see this one: A hard rocking band that digs in deep and is obviously enjoying what they do, the rougher the better. The roomsters come from Switzerland, Austria, France and Switzerland and transport you to Musical Wonderland. Get your own piece of Room on Tuesday, January 24th at East River Bar in Williamsburg, when they hit the stage with their friends from Morex Optimo and The New Jersey Band!

Pics by Kerry Kennedy on Treo.

Roman and Jan give you Room

The two Room singers have also been labelled the Stan and Ollie of Punk rock.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Freezing For Lennons Soul

Freezing For Lennons Soul

This is the entrance of the Dakota Building on the 72nd Street in NYC, taken at 10:55pm on December 8th 2005. To the minute, 25 years ago, four shots rang out into the night and shot John Lennon, the greatest songwriter ever. We were there, sang Beatles tunes with hundreds of others till our noses froze off. We also saw Yoko Ono blow out the candles in the window exactly at 23:15, when Lennon was pronounced dead. And now go and put on "A day in my life." Close your eyes and take a seven minute break.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, finally live and loud: Room!

We give you Room at 169 Bar

come have a beer, a laugh and give us some of your advice. theres the amphibious pete opening at 8pm, room at sharp 9pm and two just as obscure acts after ten - this is where its really at, if u come.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Join the New York Theremin Society!

In case you don't know it yet, the instrument to play today is not the guitar and not the laptop, but the Theremin. It's that weird black box that only makes noises if you dont touch it. Due to the tireless efforts of Dorit Chrysler, we got to hear not only one, but five theremin players: Next to Dorits etheral sounds, Anthony Ptak, Armen Ra, Rob Schwimmer and David Simons gave us a taste of their magic at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn and everyone who attended was absolutely stunned. Is this the future of music or the perfect combination of smart Jazz, a twist of Rock and the world of classical music? Stay in touch with the New York Theremin Society and also check out Dorit's new MySpace page!

Join the New York Theremin Society

This picture shows the famous Chrysler building her universe of sound at Pete's Candy Store.