Thursday, October 25, 2012

Come on down to the Delancey this Monday, October 29th for a special pre-Halloween Small Beast. Of course, the Beast is a feast all year round, but this one will be a kind of its own...

8pm Model Kite

Tom Keidel aka Model Kite has been performing his hauntingly beautiful songs for 10 years. After graduating from Tufts University he taught music at a high school for 4 years before deciding that he was better suited for life on the road. He recently produced the debut album for the Brooklyn-based band AJJA, on which he played drums. He also plays guitar in the bands Lou-is and Ghostwise. Tom is a highly talented axe-man with an exceptional ear for melody.

9pm The Roman Games

Tom will stay on stage and pluck the strings in the Roman Games, who recently gave their debut show as a new four piece, featuring Heather Wagner on drums and Jesko Stahl on bass. Growing up in Switzerland during the golden Punk years, singer/songwriter Roman Game embraced the lessons learnt from bands like the Jam, the Clash, the Stranglers and more poppy writers like Lloyd Cole, Blur, or Crowded House and created his own brand of songs, combining catchy hooks with clever lyrics. A collection of his work from the last three years can be heard at

10pm Mollie King

Moving from Tennessee to New York at eighteen, Mollie King was the singer and lyricist for many different bands back in the '90s, including the jazz/hip-hop/metal of Kingstone and was the first lead singer in the psych/blues/improv of the Elliott Sharp band-Terraplane. In the last decade she led her own rock band-Lotus 33, sang and recorded with the supernatural circus- Starchild and collaborated with Elisa Jimenez and the Hungerworld, creating the music for several fashion fantasy rock operas. She has performed all 
over the world.

11pm Fuckintosh with Special Guests

Mash-up artist and sound designer Fa Ventilato is always eager to explore and experiment within the limits of our music culture eventually transforming it into imaginary soundscapes or surreal moments. From crackling noise to orchestrated music his improvised approach including guest appearance may surprise or the end its all about taste anyway...His philosophy: no output without input. Therefore any feedback or suggestions are very welcome prior or after the show.