Monday, September 14, 2009

Totally Feelies'd!

They might look like dentists and farmers, but rock like mighty gods

So we missed All Tomorrow's Parties in Monticello, but then again, the best band of that line-up - The Feelies - came to town on Sunday and gave an impressive three hour show of hi-speed pop that simply no other band comes close to. These guys are close to their 50s, but itäs the pure energy of fresh straight forward rock music, brain, belly and all. They played three new songs, all the classic stuff, lots off of Crazy Rhythm. And - possibly a New York record - 12 encores, including not only covers of the Doors, the Stones (Paint it Black) and two turbo Beatles songs (Everybody's Got Something to Hide, She said), but also the beautiful Wire song "Outdoor Miner" which totally made my day. Had a chance to talk shortly talk to Bill Million after the set. They have not yet recorded a new album, but Bill said they eventually will. The purpose of the Feelies getting back together, he said, was not to cash in on reunion gigs with the old stuff, but to write new songs. So have patience!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Room, Anton Sword and The Proclivities

The most philosophical tunesmith Anton Fine and his superb We Ours have invited us to play The National Underground this Wednesday.
Opening the festivities at 8pm will be The Proclivities, a charming band from North Carolina who will make you smile with their folk/pop/rock hybrid and their lovely singing, says Anton, who met them on tour.
Up next at 9pm, the We Ours will make us rethink Bowie and the Beach Boys, with just a hint of Queen. The band's recent gigs have shown them in splendid form!
Room's on Fire at 10pm, we promise we'll turn it up to the full energy level this time again. Come help us!