Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The True Sex Pistols Revealed in Williamsburg!

The beast is alive, and punk's not dead. Alana Amram and her ever growing gang pulled it off again with the Monster Mash this Halloween, at Don Pedro's in Williamsburg. Some bands were missing, the schedule was almost as messed up as the audience, but none of that mattered: We got to see a great and worthy performance of "Hüsker Dü", a hilarious comic version of "The Beatles", and a great female Roger Daltrey of "The Who". Most impressive, though, were "The Sex Pistols". Not only did it sound grand in the tiny place all of a sudden, Johnny Rotten materialized (as you can see in this great pic by Tobias Klutke) and sang and sneered better than ever. We saw the real Pistols reunited at some festival show, and mind you, the copy in this case might be just a bit better than the original.