Friday, October 20, 2006

Melomane Take Russia... and Brad Back

After a few months long break lounge blizzards Melomane took the stage at Tonic again last Friday and turned the show into a celebration of good pop music. Coming back from a successful trip to Russia, where their new CD glaciers just has been released, they seemed to have gained new confidence in the strength of their music, and their lyrics. It was a unique pleasure to see Brad back on stage, duetting on trumpet with Pierre. Despite Franks absence - by now replaced by two strings, a violinist and a cello player, it was a bit like five years ago. And that again, was to the day of the show, when Rebecca and Quentin got married. Now I'm getting carried away, but believe me, you would have loved it.

Biker Girls Turn Into Full Tank

Well, so we met these girls at this party on the roof in Dumbo and when it was about time to grab a cab and head to Union Pool for a night cap, it turns out the hot chicks rode their bikes to Dumbo. Telling by their energy level, they most likely took the BQE back to the Wburg. Anyway, the next day, we walk into East River Bar and the very same girls turned into Full Tank, the Eurotrash Girlpunk band you can't miss! They played a show at Siberia on Thursday that I couldn't make, but next time they rock the hood, I'm there.

I never told you bout the Snow in September...

You have never seen hotter Snow than this, nor heard. The duo of Pierre de Gaillande and Hilary Downes is sweet, yet witty, superbly harmonious with a high entertainment value. Here, they are playing Club Midway. Ask for their Demo CD when you go to their shows, its got hints of T.V. Personalities and early Camper van Beethoven. From what we hear, Snow has already expanded into a full five piece band.

Friday, October 06, 2006

There Is Room at Midway at Midnite!

Oh, yes, we also thought this looks like a heavy rock bill and were considering to change our name to Doom for this night, when we checked out the other bands on MySpace...turns out, Mirrortest are kinda Coldplayish, in a fresh way and Death Mask remind us of Portishead. Go to to learn more about them and listen to some tracks. That said, of course, we are heavy rock. Looking forward to it, and to seeing you!

Club Midway is located at 25 Avenue B and easily one of the coolest places in the East Village these days. And Martial just reminded me to tell ya all again that it's Friiiidaaay, so you hopefully get to sleep in Saturday!