Tuesday, May 05, 2009


This Thursday, May 7th, come see one of the rare Room performances, enhanced by Jan Haux from Berlin on vocals and shenanigans, Quentin Jennings of Melomane and Dylans fame and Dave Spinely of The Snow who brings the legendary roar of a Psychedelic Furs sax. We play at 10.30m.

Then Kerry Kennedy will take the stage with her Ghostwise band - again including Jan, the original drummer for Ghostwise - and you will all be stunned by how soft and touching and smooth music can be.

Last but not least, Charles Wallace of the infamous American Mod band HeadQuarters is in town and presents new acoustic songs from the new folky CD "Amerikanischer Troubadour" that he produced in Switzerland. He first plays Public Assembly in Williamsburg (fromer Galapagos), then comes down to Fontanas. Last chance before he returns to Europe!


stan ingram said...

Room finally with Psychedelic-Furs-Saxophon! Wow, congratulations! Expanding in that direction always helps - just saw a fantastic gig of the Nightingales with a female bassoon player (from New York). One of the greatest live bands of these times anyway.

hthr said...

great show!

Anonymous said...

martial viv-o! jc of the law! burnt finger! dave spine! q! roman game! jeann-o!