Thursday, May 31, 2007

Full Blast Full Tank Punk Rock

The Bar's called Trash, so what do you expect? Full blast Dirty Pretty Things from the stereo, the fat stench of sausages and fries wafting through the spot, and in the backroom spilled beer. Then the six pretty girls from Full Tank take the stage, all in black and somehow make it all feel very authentic and entertaining the way a rock show should be: Stone age punk rock with witty lyrics and and a dose of cynical grrl power easily make up for the lack in musical training. On the contrary, the dilettante approach is disarmingly charming. And you try to keep six power women together! Easy stage banter, too - Halona: "Thank you all for coming, even if you didn't come to see us". Lyuba: "But you did." Yeah, and we'll come again.

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