Monday, May 21, 2007

Frank Welcomed by Fakintosh, C. Gibbs and Dorit

Frank couldn't have picked a much nicer weekend to arrive back in New York than this last one, but let me tell you about the events in pictures rather than tons of words. After a welcome dinner at Blog headquarters, we were looking forward to the Art Market at the Feather Factory's Growing Studio. While we still didn't get to hear Fuckintosh perform live, there was a chance to see and hear his entire catalogue. Taiwan showed most interest in buying him and got the price. There were other interesting pieces to see, but unfortunately not enough buyers. Next time maybe, invite everybody to bring and sell their art or stuff - that way a lot of artists get to network and show off their talents.

Sunday showcased a totally different Christian Gibbs than the one we saw Wednesday at the same spot: Luna Lounge hosted Gibbs's quiet chamber pop orchestra Lucinda Black Bear, who's new LP is a smash. Sunday, they let the guitars wail and bass and drums bang away in a furious and highly inspiring set as The Droves. It left us so hungry for more meaty sounds, we had to go to Fette Sau for some excellent beef barbecue, after hearing the tunes of great old New York instiution Big Lazy, who are just the best when it comes to the mix of Ennio Morricone and Neil Young twang guitars.

The weekend was rounded off for Frank, who showed no signs of jet lag, by a vaudevillean crowd of artists at Rose and crowned by the performance of Dorit Chrysler who we've recommended so many times, it is really your fault if you haven't seen her yet. And you won't get another chance soon: While many NY bands are on the way of conquering Europe (Hi, Morex Optimo, howzit going? Yo, Botanica, getting enough fresh air in that tour bus?), Chrysler has Australia all to herself for the next few months...

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