Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A True Feelies Fest at Magnetic Field

Glenn Mercer and Brenda Sauter still feelieng it

But thanks to the always open mind and ears of a certain music lover in St. Gall, Switzerland, we got word that Glenn Mercerand Brenda Sauter of Feelies fame were playing at Magnetic Field, the beloved little bar on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn last Saturday. Mercer, who together with Bill Million, led the Feelies is working on a new album, so we expected to hear a lot of new material. There were some great new songs that make us look forward to the release of the album on June 5th, but the band truly began to shine when they turned to old Feelies numbers. You could feel the pure joy and happiness these tunes evoke running thorugh the audience. We were all giddy after the show. Brenda's Band Wild Carnation opened, with a little help of Glenn, then Mercer took over, with Brenda lending a Hand. Outstanding renditions of Patti Smith's Dancing Barefoot and the glorious "Only Life". Extra plus: Percussionist Stan Demeski. His rolling drums are this sound's secret weapon. St. Gall, we recommended you highly for their European tour, which unfortunately isn't booked yet.

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