Thursday, May 10, 2007

Power Trio Unites in Berlin

I am a little late with this, but the almost historical meeting of C. Gibbs and Private Frank with Nikko Weidemann deserves more than a mention here. Coming through Berlin on their European tour in April Gibbs and Heer hooked up for some tunes with Nikko, who back in the late Nineties led the excellent "Passion Fruit", the closest thing NYC ever had to New Zealand's Crowded House. Frank writes from Switzerland: "It was wonderful to play with Nikko, a highlight of an already great tour. People love the Gibbsieman over here. His new CD is truly amazing!" Frank will ride into town himself next Friday and we hope Christian and him sit down for a New York performance of their Euro set. Soon thereafter, this blog will throw two great parties, on June 9th for Tami's 30th Birthday Bash and then on the 13th, when we'll host an open mic night for my 4-0. But more about that soon, for now, we're including Tam's great flyer.

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