Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blinddate Europe

The Germans were ruling at the 'Blinddate Europe' party at the Galapagos last Wednesday, but the Austrians left a big mark: the lineup was 'neonagin' aka Jim Avignon, Dorit Chrysler and Felix Kubin. Finally hearing some really good electronic music in New York, it felt a little like being back home!

Somehow only a German brain can think of a performance like that: 'neonagin' took us on a journey through Europe telling a story for each country, emphasizing it all with unique visualization.

Then Dorit Chrysler, the Austrian theremist, gave a magical performance enchanting everybody in the room:

And last but not least, Felix Kubin from Hamburg rocked the house with his one-of-a-kind experimental electronic music. Here is a video and please just ignore the conversation in the audience in the beginning of it. Those Americans just never know when to shut up and dance:

You can find more pictures from that night in my photodiary and more movies on my youtube account.

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