Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Trash Whatsoever

While Roman enjoyed Swiss music in New York last Friday, I showed a Swiss resident the real New York: I went out to Williamsburg with my visiting friend to see Morex Optimo play. She was not so sure that a place called 'Trash Bar' would be the place to hear good music, but luckily got convinced otherwise:

First played a Detroit band called Freer and they were impressive. The singer is a dark-haired Chris Martin in looks as well as in sound. He seems to be pouring his heart into the singing and keyboard playing, crawling on the floor to emphasize the pain he is going through. The bass player sports some catchy bass lines and obviously loves his Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt (Hey, where did you get that???). The inconspicuous guitarist plays squealing solos like back in the early Nineties and the drummer certainly knows how to work the breakbeats. All together a great Pop experience and we all bought a CD, which is great too; some songs are maybe a tiny bit too corny for me, but I would definitely get anti-social with those boys the next time they come play in New York, no matter how ordinary men they are. Watch their performance in the video I made and decide if you would join in:

Finally Morex Optimo was on and this band is definitely ready to bring that sophisticated rock to Europe. The band was tight and the sound in the Trash place was actually really good:

Kristofer was wearing his famous shredded suit and sang like a little god. Pierre posed as the French bon vivant in his white shirt with rolled up sleeves and proved that he masters the bass in addition to all the other instruments. Jan led the band band through all the complicated changes of tempi and well, I guess the drummer is always the cutest in a band if you ever get to see him. Kerry wore the hottest high-heels in town and also played and sang like a goddess. We decided that she is a music warrior, because she had actually played another show with the band Overlord the very same night! I hope my treat to a dinner the following night gave them all the energy back that they had released during that gig.

Check my photo diary for more pics from both shows.


ScaryKerry said...

Thanks, Anita!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow. that's strong!