Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daria's Rock Night

How many bands does Christian Gibbs have? Apparently at least one more than I thought until I looked up the band The Droves that was sharing the bill with Melomane last Thursday night at Hank's Saloon. As it turned out, this is the band in which Christian can be his true self, a rocker:

Hank's Saloon is a great dive bar in Brooklyn and it was packed with friends of the bands and a couple of very special regulars. And it sports a beautiful American flag behind the stage, I wish Melomane had played 'The Ballot is The Bullet'!

The lady of the night, however, was definitely Daria Grace, who works at this bar and acted as a host and sound master and of course the coolest bassist in town. She can also sing and play the bass at the same time, a task that I was told requires very special skills. Check it out in this video:

There is one more video of Melomane on my youtube account in which I captured the double-guitar-solo of Quentin and Pierre and as usual, more pics can be found in my photodiary.

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