Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hipster Invasion on Roosevelt Island

Katie Eastburn from 'Young People'

The other night I met a hipster in a bar downtown. He was in Manhattan that night, but of course he lives in Williamsburg. He told me some interesting things about being a hipster. First thing apparently is that a hipster doesn't think of himself as a hipster. But this particular hipster does, and that makes him a super-hipster in my mind. Anyway, when he learned that I live on Roosevelt Island he told me that there was going to be a big hipster BBQ party on that island the very next Sunday! So on that day I packed a bag with some sunscreen and my camera and strolled down to the southern tip of the island. And indeed, there were tons of hipsters down there, having a great hippie style party with a huge line-up of musicians playing acoustic sets. I didn't know anybody and because I had a hang-over once again I didn't have the energy to talk to anybody. Still, I had a great time just listening to music, sunbathing and taking a couple of pictures and videos. Here is one of the 'Aa aka BIG A little a':

This is a annual event called 'Todd P's springtime unamplified acoustic BBQ'. So I think next year we should all prepare BBQ food, put a lot of drinks in a cooler box, pack our instruments and go down there to party along. Oh, and check out Todd P's page , he organizes a lot of shows in Brooklyn and it all sounds like pretty sweet stuff to me.

One more movie on my youtube account and more pics in my photodiary...


Roman said...

What a Peacefest and what a funny report, thanx Anita! The Ueberhipster she mentions runs the New York Night Train (, is therefore best informed and look like Jim Morrison.

Anonymous said...

this will be shut down, im sure