Monday, June 25, 2007

The Fine Art of the Sword: CD Release this Thurs!

His weapons of choice are his voice and his keyboards, which he used in recent years to help out on different projects in NYC, most notably his extremly sophisticated collaboration with British Obercrooner JC as JC & Anphibius. But now, Anton Sword comes out of hiding and releases his solo record "A Sentimental Education (see more in the CD reviews column to the right). He promises free give-aways and a short showcase for the record release party this Thursday at 9pm at Bar on A, 11th Street and Avenue A. It's your only chance to see him now, before he travels and tours Europe again... Ever elusive and on the move, just like his etheral songs.


paleboy said...

When in Europe, Mr. Sword should not forget to stop by the Palace, St.Gallen, Eastern Swaziland. Some of the best Brooklyn acts have already played there, incl. The Jeffrey Lewis Band and Grizzly Bear. (never mind the Singapore domain, it also means S-aint G-allen)

Anonymous said...

...and he should go skinny dipping in the Lake of Constance!