Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer in da City and Sirens Calling

We heard the call of the Sirens on Saturday and descended on Coney Island just like all the fellow hipsters, but soon discovered that the sound has not improved from earlier years and quite a few bands seemed to have problems adjusting to the weird conditions, with music blaring from the stands and MCs alluring customers thru cheap blasters. So we opted for the healing power of salt water on the near beach, took a swim and then a ride on the still impressing Wonder Wheel. Wandering around we almost bumped into David Johansen and he flashed his Mick Jagger smile at my girl. Back to the music: We Are Scientists were good, powerful nerd punk. Cursive was a strange version of the Cure with bad sound. The highly praised M.I.A totally disappointed. The New York Dolls did a good job, nothing dead exciting, but they got the stadium sound down and seemed to enjoy their second coming. Btw,now, that everybody says Coney Island will be developed, it's certainly a good idea to go down there and see for yourself that there is indeed some stuff that could be nicely developped. Urban planning doesn't necessarily have to be bad. But I'm digressing. Saw Falcon with The Great Northern and The Comas yesterday at the Mercury Lounge and honestly, that was more interesting music than the whole Siren Festival. We just hope them village voice bookers haven't lost the touch - and that the Siren festival is still around come July 2008.

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