Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heatwave! Coney Island! Room Acoustic!

Yes - it's broken! As I write this, I see dark clouds coming up and a cool wind picking up, cool enough to finally blog again. It was just too damn hot. And to jump into the pool in Williamsburg means McCurrin Park in Greenpoint where you have Built to Spill and Sonic Youth and whatnot. Or take the train to Coney Island on the 21st of July and cruise through the attractions and bands such as the New York Dolls...all for free, mhm.

But first, come down to Bar on A again next Wednesday. We have two more shows before we take a summer break. The first one is acoustic at Bar on A, featuring on three guitars Beautiful Burnt, Jaunty Jan and Roaming Rome. Bar on A is at the south eastern corner of Avenue A and 11th Street in the East Village. The show is free and Michael is bar tending.
Starters at 9pm.

The second on, on July 27th at East River Bar is electric and features also our trusted rhythm section Marvelous Martial and Jingle Jangle Jean-Cosme. That night, the Blissful Martin Bisi and the crafty Hot Iron Swallos with rock you, too. Hope to see you here, there and everywhere.

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