Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hello New York, Goodbye Jan

Jan on stage with Room at East River Bar.

Summer is here and I am back, what a bad combination. Luckily, the snow are playing on Thursday, so I'll ice my cake there. Otherwise, of course, I miss the alps and the lakes, the cool climate and cool people. Seems a lot of people are either out of town or leaving town soon. On returning, we had to detect serious damage in the Room: Our dear omnitalent Jan is moving back to Berlin, today. We'll try to take it with stoic equanimity, but believe us, it's difficult. Anybody who's had the pleasure in seeing Jan either on stage or on a soccer pitch will agree. Best of luck meanwhile to Verena and Jan in Berlin, where publishers of beautiful books better hurry up to seek his advice. He'll stay loyal to the excellent New York publishing house of PA Press, I'm sure. To say goodbye, we have a little track with Jan doing the Stingster on a classic Poleez track, please don't tell em.

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