Saturday, March 22, 2008

Look Forward to St. Nightingallen!

A word to the rock loving people of Eastern Switzerland: Do not miss your chance to see The Nightingales at Palace in St. Gallen on March 26th. Here's a band that weathered all the storms already the first time around in the early Eighties, playing Northern Soul in the left wing of the Fall, Television or Gang of Four. Now, the unique drunkenly dodgy singer Robert Lloyd and his trusty guitarero Alan Apperly are back, reinvigorated, rejuvenated by Matt Wood, who looks like John Cooper Clarke and hits the strings with mozartesque genius. The show in Brooklyn two weeks ago at Death by Audio was pure fireworks of rhythm, rhyme and frantic melodies, swirling around the serenading, barking, burping, howling Lloyd. The band has been touring extensively and is vehemently tight - captivating from the first manic beats to the last stroke. Born and bred, indeed.

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Roman Elsener said...

Oh, i just noticed Christy and Emily are supporting the Gales...they are two really cool grils from my neck of the woods, Williamsburg nice to them, our swiss reputation here in da burg depends on it. the rriot girls violet violet are more amusing than captivating. make sure you stand close to robert lloyd, though, when they play!