Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dorit: "Come Build Your Own Theremin!"

Dorit "Theremin" Chrysler
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Theremin-Wunderkind Dorit Chrysler is off to Europe, and later Japan, again, packing her laptop and her great voice along with the peculiar instrument. New Yorkers got a fine taste of what Europe is about to see last Sunday night, when Dorit teamed up with noisemeister Gibby Haines of the Butthole Surfers.

Should you have finally decided to build your own theremin and learn how to play it, venture to Switzerland in July, where Dorit will be holding a Theremin Workshop amidst the alps closeby St. Moritz (think of the fine echo from the mountains)! Highly recommendable also because of the cool climate up there, while NYCers bake in the humid heat.

For the tour dates and more details, check out Dorits website.

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