Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Botanica Do Their Own Thing Better

Botanica at Midnight
Originally uploaded by romangame.
In case you thought it was all a scam to get more money, the water really drips from the ceiling at Tonic and repairs are desperately needed. So we get to see a lot of cool bands playing there, showing their support, and obviously a pretty mixed crowd: From the hipster to the hippie, from the yuppie to the biker. Then again, maybe these were all Angela McCluskey fans, since as soon as the singer with the raspy voice finished her set, they all disappered, missing the attraction of the night, Botanica, who acted as Mc Cluskeys backup band before. Not that Angela wouldnt have a good voice or decent songs, but for my taste, she is just a little bit too much in love with her own pipes. True greatness only came later, especially with Botanicas hit Shy or Stupid which should be on every summer playlist!

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