Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pee Air And C.Gibbs Ride the Rodeo Again

Pee Air Ready to Move On
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Pierre is back from a successful US tour with C. Gibbsacross these big wide United States. Pee and C. toured as a two-man band, and Pee got to try his hand at playing drums and trumpet at the same time. Go to the Rodeo Bar on June 25th, to see C. Gibbs joined onstage with Pierre and Quentin from Melomane.

Or you can go see Melomane on June 28th at the Pussycat Lounge, one of New York's shadier venues for music and entertainment of a more burlesque variety. They are playing with the horribly scandalous girl band Full Tank, burlesque variety in itself.

Pray For C Gibbs

Here, we see Christian here being prayed for. We recommend you do the same. Dont know if he needs it, but sure he deserves it. Christian has some advice for all fellow musicians about to tour this summer. Heres what he writes:

Tour Tips

1. When struck by the gnawing inspiration to write lyrics while driving 80 miles an hour on cruise control through windy rocky mountains it is best to use Sharpies on Big Manilla Envelopes and do not steer with your feet or knees for longer then a couplet.

2. When you get to Denver which is 1/3rd higher in altitude than most places drink alot of water and refrain from eating "Newcastle Beer Cheese Soup" provided by the local venue.

3. It is NOT necessary to buy something everytime you stop.

4. The $6.99 Atomic Alarm Clock sold at truckstops everywhere is a piece of crap. Dont buy that either.

5. When getting oil changed in Lawrence , KS tell them you play country music (even if you dont) and sell them a cd. This brings oil change from $28.00 down to $18.00 and it helps your soundscan rating!

6.When the coffee place in Omaha, Nebraska doesn't know who you are when you advance the show ask them if your tour poster is up. When they reply , "Yes, but there is no date indicated and we close at 8:00pm," ask them if they have a microphone. When their response is "No" promptly cancel show and get a tattoo of your wife's name on your left forearm

7. Before getting tattoo of your wife's name do not call her and ask her which name she prefers (nickname or realname)..if a call is made, after ruining surprise tell her you got cold feet and didn't get a tattoo after all so you can surprise her in Seattle you dufus..

8. Go to Elderly Guitars in Lansing, Michigan and buy a Porchboard..."What is a 'Porchboard'?" you say?...Come to the next C.Gibbs show at Rodeo Bar this saturday Night and find out!

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