Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mash Bash with the Loser's Lounge

Joe McGinty and some of the usual suspects at his Piano Karaoke gave us a taste of what can be expected this weekend at the Knitting Factory: A great parade of songs by The Cure and The Smiths in a Battle of the Bands style. How the winner will be determind is not so clear yet, says Joe, so contact him if you have an applause-o-meter, he'll put you on the guest list in return. Joe makes no secret of whose songs he prefers to play: There's just much more keyboards in The Cure. I suspect guitar players rather go for Marr and the Mozzer.


Mike F. said...

Everyone go to McGintyFest on FRIDAY, not Satuday. On Saturday you need to be elsewhere: HERE

Anonymous said...

At least Robert Smith has seen the streets. I dont think Morrissey ever saw anything else than books and films. So my money's on The Cure.