Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Antony and the Importance of Words

You may know him as pianist extraordinaire in JC & Anphibius, as keyboardist in The Paparazzis or might even remember him from cult pop outfit Glim - but you rarely see Antony fine solo. "You're my prisoners" he jokes, then dives into his songs, dragging the audience with him, onto a tour of his beautiful, but often tortured universe, full of emotion, sadness and doubt. "My words are so important, no they're not," Antony sings, then offers poetry that flows over the song like a creek in the spring. Highlights were Antonys duet with Kerry Kennedy - my favorite female voice in the city next to Jaymay - and the great guitar by Erik Paparozzi, who slowhandedly revealed where he got his first name from.

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