Monday, July 18, 2005

Direct Link Between NYC and Zurich Discovered!

Helsinki Club in Zurich shapes up to be the direct link between Europe and New York City. There must be some kind of secret tunnel between the two cities - since all the cool NYC acts seem to play there regularly! While Blues Explosion played the by now famous Rote Fabrik (in a grandiose routined manner, as we hear), Theremin star Dorit Chrysler delighted the audience at the packed Helsinki with lots of new material. Blues Explosion Guitarman Judah Bauer (left in the pic) even made it for Dorits third set. The live act was followed by three hours of fine music from Techno to Country and back, records spun by our beloved revolutionary author and rocker Mr. Privateman (right in the pic). Chrysler, Heer and Bauer, who all know each other from the Apple, noted some more NY celebrity: Ladybug Transistor drummer San Faydl was in the audience, too.
Oh, and yeah: Whoever doubted Helsinki (no, not the Finnish capital) was really cool: The Wall Street Journal recently called Helsinki THE place to go in Zurich (next to the Migros Museum the Restaurant Alpenrose). Now that's something to write home about! Thanx to Frank for the infos, we are looking forward to hear more!

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