Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July Comes in Rocking

No more country: The Droves
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Yes, we are definitely over the warm and fuzzy melancholic winter campfire music and the fresh green spring pop - full grown straight forward adult rock is on! Witnessed this weekend: The Droves at Galapagos, with charismatic front man Christian Gibbs belting out some classics, backed by a very able band, including mixmaster Quentin Jennings, Melomane beat Kenny Savelson and Hightower Smith. The fraternity kids who stumbled into Galapagos that night left with ringing ears and their wish for quieter music unfullfilled. Rightly so.
At the same time, Morex Optimo gave the Knitting Factory a taste of what intellectual punk can do to you. Must admit I missed the show, but since ill be touring with Morex in August and September in Europe, I will get to know their set by heart and will soon be able to delight you with a word game from Kristofers songs here and there. Promise.
Fourth of July landed me on the roof of the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg where 14 acts were performing, most notably the great "Favourite Sons", who not only sound like Echo and the Bunnymen during their heyday, but also have powerful songs with catchy hooklines. Keep your ears open for them!
Last, I want to apologize for being gone such a long time, I had problems with my wireless service and spent hours on the phone with Time Warner. The problems should be solved now, so herre we go again!

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