Friday, September 16, 2005

We're baaaack and better than eva

Yes, and it was great. Morex Optimo are about the nicest and most relax band you can tour with. Give em a lake or a river, they jump into the water and are happy. We drove from Zurich to Vienna to Budapest and back with an old Alfa Romeo (thanks Plimps!), borrowed amps and drums (thanks Painhead, Bit-Tuner, Mark E.), a fine Rickenbacker (thanx Paul) that true to its reputation never stayed in tune and a bass (thanx Sam, and thanx again) that Yuri almost fell as much in love with as with the bjutiful hungarian grrls. Here's Morex Optimo playing the K'Haus Passage in Vienna - quite a violent first night, but we all survived. And it got only more punk rock when we got to socialist youth club Veks and then to the punk squat EKH. By that point, both the Roman Games and Morex Optimo had stripped there set from the intellectual antics and opted for pure rock. Sweat and blood and tears, whatever, we'll wash it off tomorrow with a jump into a river. More pix and more detailed info to come, soon as i get them from the Kster. Anyway, we are planning at least one home coming show together, so you all can see what we learnt in Europe.

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