Thursday, August 04, 2005

Life Shows No Mercy: Melomane Rock Again

The daze of lounge are gone, it seems. No more soothing cello and lamenting violin, no escapades on the trumpet, but a tight lyric driven set was presented at their show at the Knitting Factory main stage. The band always resented the idea of being chamber pop, as Time Out had labelled them for years. Time and Life have not been easy for the core quartet around singer Pierre, thus the release of their new record has been delayed - but Melomane have just the right sense of humor to take it easy: The Stranglers' "Life Shows No Mercy" was the absolut highlight of the show. The audience was very appreciative of the music and was well spiked with prominent people such as Christian Gibbs or Paul Wallfisch and Christian Bongers of Botanica. Great to meet Quentin's sister and his oldest son, too! The lanky 16 year old promises to be even better than Dad in just a few years... we'll all be hearing of the new Brit sensation. It's good to have the cool Melos back, especially for these days of heat wave. I'll say hello to Frank from you guys in just about a week!

Pierre of Melomane at the Knitting Factory


Anonymous said...

Roman, you are the new Jan Wenner!

roman said...

...and youll be introduced into my punk hall of fame!